Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : Fitzgerald Rising

Episode 32

Fittsujerarudo・Raijingu” (フィッツジェラルド・ライジング)

Title says it all really.

Can not wait to see the rise of one of my absolute favourite characters from this series after his failure to win the war.

This probably has to be one of my all time favourite episodes of this series if I’m honest with you.

I always liked Fitzgerald, I like the differences in the leaders of all three organisations but there was something so cool about Fitzgerald that I REALLY liked him. Plus you got to know him better then you know the leader of the Agency and even kind of better then you think you know the leader of the Mafia which makes it easier to like him.

Whilst Dostoevsky is running around being creepy as hell it is nice to see once more Fitzgerald rising up the ladder using business smarts, blackmail and just being the coolest guy in the room with a group that supports him no matter what.

His rise also meant the briefest of meetings between Poe and Ranpo when the New Guild needed help solving the case of a employee who couldn’t remember killing his best friend. Anything that brings those two together can’t be a bad thing and whilst it didn’t lead to much it was just a sweet little moment. It was also a fun moment to see that the Guild aren’t going to hide, they aren’t going to not use all resources available to them. If they need to send out one of their members to get help from a rival they will.

I don’t really understand how Poe showing up didn’t ring alarm bells for the Agency or whether or not they even want to think about the Guild coming back. In fact there is a lot of this episode I feel that was kind of brushed under the rug in a way. Whilst Louisa was there by Fitzgerald’s side what are the others doing? Are any of them coming back? I get that Poe probably would be sticking around after the end of last season and him and Ranpo kind of becoming friends and him wanting to impress Ranpo but does that mean he was approached in a way that made him help or is he still with the Guild anyway?

We’ll see I guess.

I mentioned Dostoevsky earlier and he did appear again. I don’t think I mentioned he’s apparently part of a organisation known as the Rats of the House of the Dead, I just read it on Wiki and thought that was interesting.

Not sure what he is up to but with the Guild back is this going to be a common theme?

We see organisations come up against the Agency just to be double teamed and maybe now triple teamed out of existence? I don’t see Fitzgerald joining Fyodor anytime soon or Fyodor indeed being interested in working with someone he tried to kill seeing it was him that sent the Moby Dick into a nose dive but at the same time would Fitzgerald end up caring about the Agency enough to help them?

He’s after a book, first he needs the money to buy out the Special Division then he’s going to go after this book.

Does that have anything to do with what Dostoevsky is up to?

Who knows!

All I know is that this episode was amazing and watching the rise of Fitzgerald from a slum to being a millionaire again gave me goosebumps. It was such a well crafted story that it felt like I was sat here for a hour or so watching it but they got so much packed into a regular sized episode and I loved it. Honestly loved it.

Fitzgerald being back gives me all the love in the world.

He also found the charm of shopping on a budget. What a cutie.

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