Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Hero

Episode 54

Yūsha” (勇者)

With two fantastic episode’s in a row it is time to see if the Scouts can even survive right now…

Suicide missions all around for the Scouts.

Whilst Erwin led his charge to his death, Armin also sacrifices himself to take down Bertolt.

All three of the Titans they needed to take down are now down and whilst the Beast escaped maybe for good the other two, the two who have history with the Scouts and who we all care for, are in the custody of the Scouts and in no physical or mental state to probably ever mutter another word.

Whilst Levi’s fight was fast and over with thankfully pretty soon into the episode, not because it was a bad one but because I don’t think I could deal with too much of the suicide charge anymore without going mad because it was so damn well done, the other one felt a little dragged out but was still pretty decent.

We got to see Armin be the hero we all knew he was in the final moments, again being the best of the trio due to him not having ulterior motives. He doesn’t want to be the best, he doesn’t see himself as a hero and he doesn’t do everything he can because he only wants to save Eren because he has no character of his own. Mikasa take note. No he does everything including sacrificing his own dream to see the Sea to save everyone.

Which is what a real hero does.

The death of Armin is a heartbreaking moment that I feel is underplayed for the same reason that Erwin’s was, Levi gave it away a little in his own moment of weakness which is what lead to him losing the Beast Titan. I feel the real emotion will come from the next episode which I’m a bit worried about if I’m honest.

Have to say that the defeat of the Beast Titan was actually one of the coolest things the anime have done, I like how again we are reminded that Levi is a threat to just about everything on his own. He doesn’t need a team of Scouts to be terrifying and even Reiner and Bertolt told the Beast Titan that he, like pretty much everyone it seems, underestimated the smarts of the Scouts.

Which surprises me because the tactical mind of Erwin was something well known from what I can gather and Bertolt and Reiner knew how smart Armin is but they seem to have never bothered to calculate the fact that they could get outsmarted into their plans which was ridiculous.

Either way it’ll be interesting to see what is in the basement if indeed the basement is still there after the destruction to the city.

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