One Punch Man Season 2 : The Class S Heroes

Episode 7

S-Kyū no Hīrō” (S級のヒーロー)

The Monsters are taking over so it is time for the top rank Heroes to show up and do their thing.

The fight is only just beginning and amazingly it has taken the series in a different direction then we thought at first with Hero Hunter Garo being our biggest threat.

We’ll start with the funny and go down to the serious.

Saitama is still oblivious to just about anything, he finally ends up against Suiryu in the Finals but most of the time he’s more worried about Suiryu knocking his wig off until Suiryu bad mouths Heroes and Saitama decides he doesn’t care anymore. He loses due to disqualification because of the wig before beating Suiryu in a fight mainly because he was butt hurt that Saitama was obviously too strong for him.

He then came to the conclusion that Martial Arts is people fighting in a fancy way before his gear falls off and he’s sat there in his underpants with his trousers around his ankles.

It is pure stupid One Punch Man and I loved it.

That is the end of the tournament though and Suiryu now either will see Saitama as a rival or someone to inspire to be. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here as we know Saitama is going to have to join the others in the battle against the Monster Association.

So to the more serious stuff.

It was like Avengers in One Punch Man world just instead of a bunch of Heroes coming together like in Avengers Assemble we see what they have become after Captain America Civil War without laws making half of the group illegal and Thanos showing up to snap people into oblivion and bring them together again.

S Class Heroes are egotistical, some of them are actually super OP and have actual real talents. One of them at least is a bit of a joke character and all of them are seriously cool. They don’t look like the types to work together as we got last season when they were all called together and half didn’t show up. They are terrifying and in some ways they are all out now to compete with each other.

Problem is the Monster Association can just create Monsters on a whim.

Why do a lot of the Monsters look human?

It might have something to do with Monster Cells that we learn when going to see Atomic Samurai and finding him asking the Council of Swordsmasters to help with the Garo problem just to find out one of them has taken the Monster Cells and joined forced with the Association.

This to them is a fight of attrition.

Monsters are defeating Heroes left right and centre whilst the Monsters have ways to make more and more Monsters as they lose them. It is a scary world.

What is the most terrifying thing of all?

Last episode ended with the Monster King Orochi appearing, this one showed the guy who had beaten Genos walking ever closer to Saitama.

A little sad that we might not see much of him but seeing the tournament has a bunch of Martial Artists who are going to want to prove their worth after being defeated it might end up being a decent battle before Saitama gets involved!

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