Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : The Parallel World Elevator of the City Hall Observation Deck

Episode 5

Tochō Tenbō-Shitsu no Isekai Erebētā” (都庁展望室の異世界エレベーター)

What other way is there to track strange Anothers that show up in the city without warning?

Of course by following leads on Urban Legends!

It was following such a Urban legend that led them to meet a actual legend themselves in Pandora.

I guessed when Arata stepped off of the elevator and was face to face with a woman holding a box that we were about to be introduced to Pandora and her box but it wasn’t until later in the episode, in fact the very end, when Arata was leaving that she actually told him who she was.

Let’s face it the box was a give away but when she started talking about how misery, disease and the rest of it had came out of the box it was easy to figure out who she was.

The sense of urgency in this episode as Sakaki and Theo panicked with the disappearance of Arata even though Sakaki had been with him originally made the episode really interesting compared to what it actually was. Sometimes it is like they forget that Arata can talk to the Anothers and all the time that he and Sakaki were stood in the elevator there was no attempt at Arata just talking to her and asking her what she wanted.

With Sakaki then blown back to reality and Arata on his own he got to speak to Pandora which was basically all the episode ended up being. Pandora waffling on and Arata not being able to put two and two together. She literally was stood there telling him that she takes people’s feelings of loss and he then reported back “she has nothing to do with the missing memories” when in actual fact… That kind of proved she did.

Don’t get me wrong if I sound like I wouldn’t enjoy that then you don’t know me well. I love the fact that they were talking to her and I would happily spend every episode just learning about these weird beings, I also like the fact that they tried to put some drama behind it and made it work even though logically they missed a few steps. The team work out well on a balanced scale because Theo is the one that actually has the brains whilst Sakaki is usually the one that is cool under pressure in his own way and the natural leader but he also has had a loss because of a Another in his life and that means that he doesn’t want someone to just disappear on him again. In a way it all makes sense and it works just about.

Still a story when you meet Pandora is gonna be cool no matter what.

What I really liked though is that she just didn’t get it.

She NEEDED in her own opinion to collect the feelings of loss but she didn’t get why humans would care that she was taking these things which led to Arata realising that no matter how much he talks to Anothers they won’t understand humans and he couldn’t understand them.

Problem is that he didn’t even try to talk it through with Pandora, he kind of got creeped out by the thought and left which is weird.

I guess that is going to be the story now going through the series is that Arata will want to form some sort of connection with the Another world so that they can understand each other better which I guess from the sounds of it is what Seimei was trying to do all the way back when he was around. Whether that works or not I don’t know, whether it even becomes important or not I don’t know but it’ll be interesting to see how he moves forward from his feeling of not being able to help in this situation.

One thought on “Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : The Parallel World Elevator of the City Hall Observation Deck”

  1. This episode did feel weird in that Arata didn’t really try to pursue any line of reasoning with the Another. He just concluded they saw things differently and left but it feels like they could have made this a richer conversation.

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