Fairy Gone : Stubborn Blacksmith and Biased Rabbit

Episode 7

Ganko na Kajiya to Henkutsu Usagi” (がんこな鍛冶屋と偏屈ウサギ)

With malfunctioning Zern models and ceremony coming up there is a lot on Dorothea’s hands right now.

For a change there was none of the action in this episode and it allowed the main story to just follow all the way through the episode.

It was again rather crowded what with the group having to go and sit in whilst the Ministry of Fairies and Military took a look at the malfunctioning Zern models, both Bittersweet and Axel were in the episode, Robert does his own investigation and is probably the closest person to finding the truth of the matter when it comes to the malfunctioning Zern’s and Free is being adorable other then when he’s chasing Wolfran who is also in the city.

That being said it played out pretty well even if it jumped around a little bit.

Really like the story of the Zern Models and wish that the show would happily take a break from the Tome’s and Mafia stuff to make that and the political world they are in more of the centre of attention. I didn’t mind the stuff with Sweetie in this episode but all it has done is set up for another action pack episode next time with the story of the world that we’re inhabiting falling on the back foot again.

It is interesting to see the power struggles and try to understand the way power was distributed after the war came to a end but it gets stuck behind all this chasing after artifacts and things like that instead of getting its fair share of the story.

Then again it is the characters that are making the show right now.

Robert ended up being one of the most important characters and his calm and collected way of gathering facts was interesting. It is weird because it sounds like such a boring thing but they managed to make him the most interesting person in the episode. Klara continues to be pretty fun in her interactions with Marlya and it’ll be interesting to see how they get out of the situation they got themselves in because Free wanted to believe in Bittersweet.

It was a good episode but still just a bit much.

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