Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaibu : Muzan Kibutsuji

Episode 7

 “Kibutsuji Muzan” (鬼舞辻 無惨)

Tanjiro and Nezuko are going to so kick the ass of a Morphed Demon who has split itself into three somehow. They are the super team.

To be honest the fight didn’t take that much longer after the episode started and before long Tanjiro had the angrier of the three on its own trying to get any information on Muzan Kibutsuji he could out of him.

Even at the point where he must know that his life is about to end the Demon doesn’t give anything up on him due to him being terrified of him. It just made Muzan Kibutsuji even cooler then he already was.

There wasn’t too much else to say about the episode to be honest.

Really liked how Tanjiro dealt with Kazumi, cheerful and lovely but making sure to tell him the truth and even thinking of bringing back the part of the Demons coat that had Satoko’s ribbon in it back to him.

Again it makes me want to see Tanjiro actually interacting with people because he is such a sweet character that wants the best for other people but at the same time he isn’t the kind of person that just randomly lies to others to make them feel better about what is happening to them.

That being said he then just left Nezuko randomly in a city, a city that he was incapable of dealing with moments earlier to chase after Muzan Kibutsuji who turns out to have a human family which is interesting. He literally just had to put his hand out and he infected a random guy who started to eat his girlfriend just to distract Tanjiro and it is hard to tell how his wife doesn’t notice it.

I really like Kibutsuji.

He obviously isn’t going to stick around now he’s made a distraction to get out but I was also not expecting him to be so easy for Tanjiro to find. Tokyo is giant even in the past and he’s so lost in the city before he even realises that he’s trying to find Kibutsuji that I guess he’ll just disappear and be able to sneak out of the city.

It just opens so many questions like why is he with a human? What is he actually doing?

Seeing it is episode 7 I guess we won’t have too long to find out the answer to these questions either but it just seems odd that he appeared as the very second Demon Tanjiro came face to face with after he passed his exam, I don’t even know what it is he was originally there in the city to do.

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