Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : Herurisu / Portrait of a Father

Episode 6

Sono Ichi ‘Herurisu!’ Sono Ni ‘Chichi no Shōzō’” (其の一「ヘルリス!」 其の二「父の肖像」)

With nothing much still going on both Atsushi and Kyoka get some of their loose ends tied off in a way I’m hoping means as a duo they stop annoying me at the best of times.

This might be the fresh start Kyoka needed.

It did work too.

Kyoka was the main focus of the first part of the episode which also reintroduced us to Lucy and gave her time to shine and for us to figure out where she now fits in. Whilst Lucy kind of stole the show a bit it was finding out the truth behind Kyoka’s past that really hit the feels.

Turns out her mum and dad were actually spies and another person had sent assassin’s after then that were controlled via their blood, when the possessed blood transferred onto the mum and dad they both became possessed and Kyoka’s mum transferred Demon Snow to Kyoka for protection, as the gift wasn’t fully transferred Demon Snow can therefore only be controlled by the phone but why Demon Snow pops up to save Kyoka from time to time is because the final wish of its actual bearer was for it to protect Kyoka.

It was sad and for the first time I actually did feel sorry for Kyoka.

As I said though Lucy really stole the show, I don’t like how there seems to be another person hanging around for Atsushi but she’s got a cool enough ability and personality, plus as of now she’s nothing to do with the Agency, that I don’t really mind it. There are a lot of angry females in this show, now including Kyoka in the right way, and Lucy is just another fantastic addition to that group.

Second half was about Atsushi as he learns of the death of his former headteacher and has to come to terms with his feelings about it.

I hated the fact that he never got to see the head master to be honest.

There are so many things I want to understand about Atsushi’s past and I would have liked the two to have met or at least the cop out of having a letter somewhere that Atsushi could read, as it is they did I guess give it a bit of a nice twist having Dazai turn what happened to Atsushi into a positive, showing that the torture he suffered made him the person he is and basically telling Atsushi that the feelings he has is sadness over the death of his father.

Thing is as nice as that ending was it still felt hollow.

Kyoka got a full stop to the story that plagued her nightmares whilst we’ve filled in the blanks for Atsushi with the ideology of nice people and hopeful thinking.

Whilst it looked like they are right in what they say I just kind of wanted that meeting.

Though big props to this episode has to go to Ranpo who refused to go to the crime scene because he was eating yet somehow knew all of this. Like I don’t care what anyone says, how did he just KNOW what to do if he hasn’t got a power? He might be super smart and all the rest but at the end of the day he also hadn’t been anywhere near the crash, hadn’t seen the body, didn’t know the person or why he was here yet he knew to send Atsushi to the flower shop and in some ways knew to send Atsushi in general. If Ranpo had gone they might have figured everything out but the story would change from Atsushi finding out and having to deal with it to whether or not they even told him in the first place.

Ranpo is gifted my friends. We knew this all along!

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