One Punch Man Season 2 : The Uprising of the Monsters

Episode 6

Kaijin no Hōki” (怪人の蜂起)

Honestly it feels weird that the last episode was called the Martial Arts Tournament or whatever and was about the Monsters then a episode later we have the Uprising of the Monsters when we’ve already kind of seen it.

That being said I am not against seeing more of it!

I mean whilst the last episode started with the Monsters this one did with the tournament so again the names of the episodes are a little confusing.

What this episode did do was get Genos involved, he finally realises that there are Monsters everywhere and leaves the tournament to go and sort out the mess as best he can so that Saitama can continue in the tournament and not be bothered.

I really liked that the Martial Artists proved that they are stronger then some of the Heroes. At the end of the day it was said that they saw being a Hero as taking the easy option so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to us but it does come to a surprise to Genos. It makes the tournament even more interesting because with the uprising and the Heroes falling they might need the help of some of the Martial Artists.

That kind of is the story that Snek and Suiryu ponder at the end of the episode just before Suiryu defeats Snek in one blow.

Again though it was such a dramatic moment with a well placed joke here and there that made you understand that right now this world is not just under attack it is falling under the weight of the Monsters. There are some truly strong people in the world whether Hero or not. Some S Rank Heroes are terrifying, some of the Martial Artists are too and of course the Monsters are as well. The world is made up of the strong and only they will survive.

I guess that is the point of having Heroes though. The strong fight for others. The joke in this whole thing being that the stronger the Hero or whatever seems to be the less they are doing things for humanity as a whole and the more they are doing it for fame, out of boredom or some other reason.

The sad thing being that we saw that Genos, a actual Cyborg, was defeated off screen by some Monster, Metal Bat is down and out and Metal Knight looks dead right now. Whilst this is all happening someone is marching towards the tournament, probably whatever destroyed Genos, and the Monsters including the terrifying looking Monster King Orochi believe they have won.

Have they won though?

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