Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : Fixed-Point Observation in Kabukicho

Episode 4

Kabuki’chō no Teiten Kansoku” (歌舞伎町の定点観測)

Now stuck with Kohaku, we rejoin Arata as he attempts to fit in with his new and extremely unique job as a member of a civil servant group dedicated to keeping the world of Anothers and us apart.

We go back to a little less of the drama of zombies and possible death to kidnapped girls and see Anothers who just get along with their lives around humans who are blissfully unaware of them.

I did make notes of all the Anothers we saw especially the two that were important to the story but then I lost the notes and am too lazy to actually go back and check. There were a group of drunken gorilla’s and a God that had just woken up and wanted a drinking partner for 100 years which turned into Arata, Kyoichi and Theo all getting very drunk trying to out drink him thanks to Kohaku.

It really was just another episode that reinforced that Anothers are just like humans.

The God had no idea that what he asked of another human was ridiculous because 100 years to him meant nothing at all so why should he care that 100 years to the police officer would be a death sentence to him and his family?

He just wanted to party and suddenly he had his party when a bunch of gorilla Anothers, lead by Arata, shows up.

I really like the role Kohaku is playing, like a naughty little brother showing up to make Arata’s life difficult. It is also really nice hearing him get to speak about his time with Seimei though he still can’t get around the fact that Arata is just related to him and isn’t actually the man he once knew. None of them can, they all recognize him as Seimei but can’t get their head around basically humans not being Anothers.

Plus it is just nice to see Anothers doing their thing without being a threat.

I kind of want to see more of that in the future if I’m honest.

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