Fairy Gone : Fellow Traveler

Episode 6

Tabi no Michidure” (旅の道連れ)

Maybe after the last episode we’ll get to see the series slow down a little and a bit more world building happening instead of constant action.

To a small point it does. Then again most episodes do.

If you cut out all the action stuff and pasted together what is left you are left with a really interesting world with a rich history that we’re just getting bits and pieces for because the actual point of the story seems to be two people who used to be friends with two other people who all seem to be doing things similar yet different.


Well trying to follow Fairy Gone can be confusing at times.

My main problem is that there are so many interesting bits and pieces that kind of get explained but then thrown to the side so that we can have fighting and chases instead.

Mostly it is trying to find the Black Fairy Tome which seems to be the biggest thing in the series at the moment.

I just don’t think it has given much time to anything for it to be super interesting if I’m honest. I really liked how they gave us small bits and pieces but it didn’t get in the way of the story at hand and felt it was a good move to start the first episode with action but it hasn’t really actually amounted to much. Whilst the backstory of Marlya continues to be expanded without anyone caring about it for it to need to be expanded, the history of the world is told fleetingly with no actual world for it to be part of.

It isn’t even that the show is boring it just seems disjointed which is a pain to then watch.

Every episode is pretty much the same whilst being different so whilst the stories might end up being interesting enough you already are left feeling you’ve seen it all and lose interest in watching much more.

The malfunctioning Zern Fairy suit was interesting.

Forgotten about to a point and only talked about briefly through the episode.

The war celebration is interesting but just a event that I wish would take more centre stage but looks like it’ll just be a place for another big fight to happen, which I guess we could have guessed from the start but you kind of hoped something else would happen before then.

Learning about the 5 Dukes honestly ended up being just a story being told in a pub with nothing really interesting going on after that.

It just seems to squander anything interesting it can think up.

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