Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Swordsman Accompanying a Demon

Episode 6

Oni o Tsureta Kenshi” (鬼を連れた剣士)

So Tanjiro has to go on his first mission as a Demon Slayer, with Nezuko on his back in a box specially made for him to carry her in by Urokodaki he takes his leave.

His first battle is with a Morphed Demon which is pretty cool.

It is very different from the one at the trails as well, whilst that one was scary as hell this one wasn’t. It had managed to split itself into three and is able to teleport using holes it creates but it doesn’t seem as strong and visually it isn’t scary at all. Cool but not scary.

That being said it gives a unique fight that Tanjiro isn’t prepared for, not to say he fails but in a cramped space, protecting two people and having to keep away from walls it was hard for him to gauge how much strength he could use and where his opponent would be. It was a really fun fight to watch made even better when Nezuko kicked her way out of her box to join her brother fighting them.

I do feel this episode suffered a little from Tanjiro’s story still needing to be told.

It was nice to see him in a new place interacting with a new character and Kazumi was a good character as well but there was so many flashbacks to Tanjiro being told stuff by Urokodaki to fill in gaps that they had made by just not having this entire conversation in a episode that when you look back on it Tanjiro didn’t really interact at all with Kazumi and the strength of his character came more from the story being told in silent sort of way that mirrored the story we had seen with Tanjiro more then actually getting to know the character.

Just the way that they had him silently fall apart when he saw his fiancees bow in the Demons collection, confirming that she was dead, knowing the pains he had gone through after she disappeared. It was a horrible thing to watch but made the little moments so much more important.

That being said in the future I would kind of like to see Tanjiro interact more with the other characters.

I guess one reason he didn’t as well as it being to free up space in the episode for the flashbacks is that it was his first job and he is fresh and ready  to track down Demons not just to stop them from hurting others but to question them on Muzan Kibutsuji, the first Demon and the one that he has to find to turn Nezuko back human.

Don’t really see that working out well for him but it added a little disappointment to this Demon when you found out that two of the three versions of itself can speak. I didn’t really want him to be able to question the Demons so easily but the two who speak seem like they would probably happily speak at the end of their life.

We’ll see though I guess.

We’ll see.

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