Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : Slap the Stick & Addict

Episode 30

Finally we are back with the Agency and they are their usual…. Selves.

Meaning they are doing their best not to do work whilst sitting around eating when it is obvious that they need to do something.

It started off a little crazy what with a nice little scene of them all in the cafe to the cafe being attacked and the manager having his finger nails ripped off, off screen we didn’t see it happen thankfully, to the Agency going vigilante mode and attacking the people who had done it.

Why all that had to happen I don’t know but it wasn’t the actual main part of the show and only went as far as to tell us people are after the Guild’s fortune and then reintroduce Lucy Montgomery who is now working in the cafe. Neither plot points were really examined further in the episode which went from fun to serious to fun in moments and then just jumped straight into a ridiculous but fun story revolving around Higuchi of the Mafia as well as Kunikida and Asushi.

At first it was just a hilarious chase after a woman that former Agency member Katai, who is a bit of a loner whose power allows him to control electronic devices without touching them, had seen and fallen in love with. At the same time Higuchi notices the same woman, of course she did, walking off with Aktagawa.

Cue the two groups coming together to find this woman, one to deliver a love note with Katai following behind in his PJs and his Futon, the other to kill the woman thinking that she was the girlfriend of Aktagawa and jealous as hell.

Turns out it was Gin.

Remember that cool ninja?

Yeah that is actually a woman and just so happens to be Aktagawa’s little sister.

I can’t really remember if we knew that Gin was a female or not, it came as a surprise but felt like something I knew as well but it was kind of a funny moment to find her trying to change into her uniform whilst giving Higuchi the slip and the reaction on everyone’s faces.

Honestly loved meeting Gin properly and I really like when this show expands on its characters. They are all so interesting and it is fun to learn more about them.

The same can be said about the addition of Katai.

At first glance he’s a joke character but he’s also a very relatable character for a loser like me, only being able to function where he feels safe and falling for someone that he’d find impossible to talk to without the help of his friends, which made his story less funny at times and more heartbreaking. It was nice to see him kind of try and play hero and by the end of the episode having got out of his slump enough to help.

Hoping we get more Katai this season.

One of those episodes that Bungou Stray Dogs does so well. We know something more serious is coming, we’ve just finished a story looking at the history of Dazai and Chuuya followed that up with a story that ended with someone committing suicide so it feels only natural to at least for now have a episode, maybe even another, with the Agency lighting the place up with their ridiculous antics before we get the full blow out of them vs their new threat.

Always fun to spend time with them no matter what they are doing.

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