Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Decent

Episode 52

Kōrin” (光臨)

We are back with at least some shows being caught up.

It only took 52 episodes for probably the best bloody episode they’ve ever made to show up.

What this did was prove a lot of things right for me. When the story goes away from Eren who is a annoying as hell character it is actually interesting, when Mikasa packs the hell up the fights and military part of the show shines and when it wants to be it can be the most terrifying, dramatic and sad show you’ll ever watch.

When it wants to be.

Most of the time it just wants us to feel sorry for Eren and Mikasa as they sulk and make things worse for people. Thankfully this is the last time I’ll mention that hopefully because it seems that Eren has learnt his lesson.

This episode started as the story of Bertholdt, Reiner and Annie, it didn’t answer most of the questions we had but it shows that we are actually missing the majority of the puzzle pieces we thought we originally had. Their stories make little to no sense in the way that it is being told which means there is something hidden out of sight that none of us know about yet. It is all tied in with the Beast Titan and obviously whatever this mission is but Bertholdt seems to have said it best when he said that they didn’t have a choice in all of this because the world is just cruel.

I really like having Armin in control, whilst he’s super smart and good at all of this stuff naturally it is nice to see that he panics. He needs people behind him, believing in him and his talents, for him to actually kick into gear and get things done which is natural. He’s been put into a situation that is foreign to him and given probably the most power ANY of the group could possibly ask for and he has to think on his feet.

Which he does.

Pretty much all the time.

Armin has always been the one of the three that I tolerated the most and to be fair I’ve grown to really like him. Unlike the other two who have far too much clout just because Eren he actually looked at times like he probably didn’t belong but he’s proven that he’s exactly what the Scouts need.

His attempt to talk to Bertholdt in this episode actually really upset me because it proved that of all the characters Armin is the only one that isn’t selfish.

He isn’t out for revenge, he isn’t out to protect one person to keep themselves happy. He actually wants what is best for everyone, he wants to bring the biggest amount of people home safe whilst at the same time securing the life for everyone in the walls.

Armin is actually a hero compared to Eren and Mikasa.

This episode was fantastic on many fronts but I guess the most important thing was that it made me care more then any of the other episodes did.

I started reviewing Attack on Titan mainly because it was super popular and me and Anna decided SOMEONE had to cover it on here whether we like it or not. A negative opinion isn’t going to hurt a show like this so we just carried on. Both of us enjoyed the story behind the Titans and the mysteries but got fed up of the whining and character stories of characters that had no real interest. We noticed very fast that every character bar the two we had thrown at us were interesting with their own stories and personalities unfortunately most of the time the stories had to come back to Eren and his shadow but those characters made sure we never gave up. Anna gave into temptation and caught up with the manga so knows a little of what will happen in this story, I’ve seen some of it but to be honest it was so long ago now I can’t remember much, I do know one thing that is coming that I might complain about but I think the anime has made me feel different about it.

Whatever happened to the characters I didn’t really care for.

Battles, drama, politics and relationships meant nothing to me.

I came into every episode just there to watch it, enjoy the small moments and get ready to complain about how annoying it was.

THIS episode made me want to watch the next one. It made me want to see how this ends. It made me feel like I had been invested in the series the whole time.

That was because of back characters though.

I want to know what is making Reiner and Bertholdt do the things they are doing, I want to see if Hange found a way to survive. How is Levi, Arwin, Armin and everyone else going to defeat the now duel threat of the Beast Titan on one side of the wall and the Colossal Titan on the other?

What about Reiner? He has put everything he is into his Titan form now, he’s nothing more then his Titan’s shell. What is going to happen to him? He can’t be taken out of the shell because he’s rolled over now.

Do they ever find a way of getting Annie out of her crystal shell?

This obviously took a toll on them, they came here to destroy this city, this civilisation but it was obvious that they bonded with the Scouts and this ended up being much harder for them.


Why did they do it? Why did they continue?

NOTHING of that I felt for any of Eren’s story. In one episode they made me forget about the whiny brat that they shoved down our throats week in week out and gave us the true story that we really want answered.

What the hell is going on?!

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