One Punch Man Season 2 : The Martial Arts Tournament

Episode 5

Bujutsu no Taikai” (武術の大会)

Garo is still out trying to fight all the Heroes he possibly can and ended up face to face with Metal Bat.

Saitama is at the Martial Arts tournament, Monsters are all over the place and Heroes are falling and fighting all round. Something has to go up in flames soon.

Again it is one of those things where on the one hand you have this really fun side to everything with Saitama who is trying to pretend to be Charanko and oblivious to everything then you have the very serious stuff like Garo and the Monster’s all attacking.

It blends everything so well.

Then again I have a confession to make.

I love Saitama, I love Saitama’s moments in the series but this series really is great because it really is allowing us to get to know other heroes, their abilities, personalities and stories as well as now the Monsters too.

There were so many cool moments, so many that made your blood run cold as it became clear the Heroes were going to lose and then we’d go back to Saitama doing stupid stuff. I loved it, it is a great way to balance the episode but also to build the world even more.

Of course we want to see Saitama’s journey to become the best Super Hero but to be honest that isn’t even the journey he really wants. He wants to find the strongest thing to fight so that he isn’t bored anymore. Watching others in actual fights has given the series a different feel to it, regardless of whether Saitama is able to come and destroy everyone in a flick of his wrist we get to actually see the struggle others have and be emphatic to them.

I love Metal Bat and I want to see him in the final battles doing well, I kind of like Blizzard and thought it was super cool when the Blizzard Bunch or whatever they are called just showed up. It actually gave me goosebumps. Silver Fang is super cool and I want to see what him and Bomb end up doing about Garo, the fact that Saitama has already “defeated” him makes me kind of want to see them two take him down.

It just is nice to have a bigger world to look at which then obviously adds a little more investment into stories like this because you aren’t just waiting for Saitama to show up and save the day.

Inevitably he probably will but you kind of want to see the others doing something and getting some glory which I kind of think, seeing that he’s busy at the moment, they will.

Best part of the episode though was the Metal Bat/Garo face off that ended because his little sister showed up.

There is a side to Garo that I don’t think we’ll ever understand, I really want to know more about him. He isn’t just a Monster, he backed off when Metal Bat’s little sister showed up and explained that her brother promised never to let her see violence, he could have killed Metal Bat or at least lay the last blow but instead he backed off and even took down a Monster that looked ready to jump onto Metal Bat and kill him outright.

I want to see much more of Metal Bat but I also want to understand Garo a little more. I get what his thinking is on Monsters, I understand it because I’ve always thought that bad guys are cooler and it would be nice to see them win sometimes, but there is a human in there… Wrong word I guess, there is a personality in there with its own uniqueness and I want to see his actual beliefs. He spends time with that kid in the park, he’s strong enough to steal his stuff and walk off, he could have taken down Metal Bat and walked away. He might want to be a Monster but he isn’t a Monster in the same way that the actual Monsters are and I want to understand why.

Also fully aware that this is a comedy and I probably shouldn’t look that deep into things but I can want to if I want to.

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