Chernobyl : 1:23:45

As always we tend to be a little behind on TV shows coming out as none of us really sit down to watch TV but with people honestly in awe of this series that tells the story during the moments after the Chernobyl explosion we just had to sit down and catch up with it.

If the first episode is anything to go by it’ll be a difficult thing to watch mainly I guess because these are real people we are watching having their lives destroyed for the greed of a few.

Everything about episode one was hard to watch from the confusion after the explosion, the people trying to tell high ups that just won’t listen what was really happening to the people at home who thought it was just a bit of entertainment in that weird way humans do. The power plant is on fire lets go and have a watch shall we?

Whilst the dread sets in your stomach that innocent people were going to have their lives changed forever it was the suffocating torture of the lives inside the power plant that had no idea what was going on and who were slowly being made sick by radiation that really made me tear up. Every time someone turned around from prolonged exposure to something that they just didn’t believe could happen and their faces pretty much glowed red it was another painful reminder that this was probably a real person that really had to suffer like this.

I won’t pretend I remembered anyone’s name, so many people were involved in the episode that it is difficult to remember who was who but I believe Yuvchenko, played by Douggie McMeekin, was the character whose fate tore my heart out. He tried to help by holding open a door using his arm and I’m sure that only lead to him having the same fate on the body parts that touched the door as the poor fireman outside who picked up the graphite. As someone who has no idea still what radiation really can be like, why would I? my only exposure to it being stupid skits in the Simpsons, the horror at how fast the damage is done made it so hard to get through the episode.

For me though the absolute star of the episode was Paul Ritter who is a actor I never really thought I could ever hate with a passion but as Assistant Chief Engineer Anatoly Dyatlov I couldn’t have hated him more. Constantly disbelieving anything that would mean the core had gone, hand waving away anything that didn’t fit his own theory in his head and putting even more lives in danger by calling in more workers when he should have been evacuating the entire building his outbreak at the very idea that graphite had made it outside let alone anything else was chilling and terrifying. To think someone like that could ever even exist, putting the lives of others on the line mainly for his own career and pig headedness, whilst not surprising in the world we live in even today, just made me sick to the stomach.

Whilst the main explosion is now over I feel the horror of the series is going to be in those personal stories. The wife of the fireman, the fireman himself if he survives, the fireman whose hand was burnt, Dyatlov, the doctor in the hospital…

I can see why it is rated so highly.

One thought on “Chernobyl : 1:23:45”

  1. I’ll have to check that out!

    Did you ever see the old BBC Surviving Disaster episodes about Chernobyl? I think they’re on YouTube:

    Not the best production values, but I like how it told the story.

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