Week 57 : Does a Ideal Government Exist

Many countries right now are facing so many different challenges and each of us have had to wonder whether or not our government is the best that it could be.

The answer really is no so could a ideal government exist?

Simply no.

I honestly don’t think we’ll ever see a ideal government. What we have at the moment is the closest you can get and I guess in some ways you could see ideal as being “best that we can do” but that doesn’t really make it ideal.

What is wrong with politics in general tends to be that the people that get any kind of power only really care about their careers, their money and their problems. They make politics inaccessible to the general public and at least in the UK have turned elections into popularity contests more then anything else and I don’t mean by using their agendas and winning people over with things that speak closely to them.

Even with people more interested in politics right now there is a strange two party thing going on that means that most people “interested” in politics aren’t actually interested in what the politicians really want. They see one side as a enemy and the other side as their hope and politicians use that in elections to make it us vs them instead of this is what is best for the country so please think about it. All this leads to is angry people fighting over tiny scraps of agenda’s and sitting there reading stupid things like “this politician smiles funny” or “this person is too posh for OUR pasties” and people honestly are left wondering why bother.

When the politicians don’t bother why should we?

With them all slinging mud at each other what are they actually going to do to help us?

The answer is they don’t know.

We’ve had two crisis recently with the Recession and now Brexit and neither time did the leading politicians band together to get the country out of the state they created, they used it as fuel to make one side hate the other and to pick up people who vaguely had interest in voting. Of course when a party is against something like Brexit they should say so but a ideal government would be one that worked together for the betterment of their people instead of squabbling.

Every time the Conservatives lose a vote Britain looks stupid because we’ve voted to Leave and our politicians can’t agree with each other.

Labour don’t care because they are too busy looking smug and pointing at the Conservatives looking stupid which makes Britain look even more stupid and the Labour party look petty.

We’re stuck in a rut because politicians WANT the general public to be at odds with each other so that one side can win.

There shouldn’t be a winning in politics. It should be about helping the people you are governing and doing what is right for them. In times of hardships coming together and sorting out what is happening, making sure the people know what they are voting for and how it will effect/benefit them.

Politicians don’t tend to do that.

On the ground level they might but when you watch the big debates and everything else on TV with the party leaders it is little more then “that party hates these people” “yeah well look what this party does” and that isn’t a ideal government.

THAT ladies and gentlemen is children in a play ground trying to explain to someone which gang they should join.

A ideal government should bandy together to make sure that the best for the country as a whole is done. From the poorest to the richest and every single person in between. It should be a government that doesn’t see a load of rich people who are able to pay for houses and vacations that the people electing them could only dream of from the money they get for bickering like children once in a while.

You can never have one though because as always only those with intentions to better themselves and make a career out of it get to the top. People who actually care tend not to get in power and if they are anywhere near the top then they just don’t have the swing. I’ve yet to see a leader of Labour or the Conservatives who really actually gave two shits about the people and not just being the person in charge of a political party like it was some sort of game.

One thought on “Week 57 : Does a Ideal Government Exist”

  1. “When the politicians don’t bother why should we?”

    I think I’d put it a little differently. I’d say if the voters don’t bother, why should the politicians?

    At least in theory, the voters should hold the politicians to account. We voters should understand the value of just laws and of the applicability of the rule of law — not as a hammer to destroy, but as a set of guidelines to keep us moving in the right direction.

    That’s almost laughably naive, isn’t it?

    But I submit that it’s the heart of the problem. If voters would kick out the politicians who don’t fight for justice and social good, then we’d have better politicians.

    But they don’t. Voters keep voting in politicians who make disastrous decisions.

    Until voters stop voting for agendas and start being solid civic minded citizens, we’ll keep riding this corporate funded rail system right into hell.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything!

    Wasn’t it Churchill who said, “Democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time?”

    We have a ways to go…

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