Back in Time… RAW 27th May 1996

I completely forgot that we would be ramping up for the King of the Ring so yeah… IT IS TIME FOR THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT TO START!!!


So we had First Round matches for the King of the Ring. How nice is it to tune into a wrestling show and the first thing that is happening is a wrestler is walking down to the ring to WRESTLE? We started the show with Goldust vs Ultimate Warrior which ended as they reached the time limit meaning neither qualify. The main event was also a First Round and whoever won gets a second round bye because they were facing either Goldust or Warrior, it wasn’t a bad few first round matches to be honest.

Constant Reminders of Beware of the Dog…

So the In Your House the night before had been messed up with the lights being turned off and we were constantly reminded that this was what had happened.

You would think that they would maybe mention it once but any time they talked about the night before they talked about the problems that they had dealt with which actually was pretty nice. It also made it pretty much the biggest thing that happened in the episode full stop.

Owen Hart ❤

So for the main event of Vader vs Johnson we had Owen Hart on commentary.

He was a fantastic wrestler but more then that he was the best entertainer. He worked well with Jerry Lawler and it is always lovely to see Owen. He was a staple of my childhood and it is nice to get to relive the childish happiness I had growing up as a fan.

Also he got all dressed up and looked like he was the founding member of RTC which you know. Makes it even better.

Wrestling Vaders Mask off!

There were some problems with Vaders mask during the match, he nearly lost it at one point then after a giant move over the top rope it was knocked off completely.

A complete accident but made the entire move, the impact and the landing just so much cooler.

Story lines… Story lines EVERYWHERE!!!

I know it isn’t really a point but with the Luke Harper/Sasha Banks/Revival stuff going on in WWE I think watching these episodes just reminds me that WWE once know how to make every one important.

The Sunny thing I talk about below with the tag teams was silly and made little sense other then she was a gold digger but it made the three tag teams important, it made Sunny important and it gave a manager like Hillbilly Jim something to do. Goldust was about to fight the Undertaker, he also pissed off Ahmed Johnson and Warrior. The King took a active part in stories. Managers got involved in the right way, when Johnson attacked Bob Holly, McMahon made it sound like a big deal instead of Cole nowadays having a laugh if a big star attacked a midcarder.

People were important.

Honourable Mentions…

I guess we have to mention Sunny? I mean she was part of the Body Donnas just to move onto the Goodwins to in this episode be with the Smoking Guns. I mean it was all to do with where the gold was but… Yeah.

Hillbilly Jim on commentary was also pretty decent, for a man who is now mocked for his Hall of Fame speech rambling on he really got across the confusion of the whole Sunny/Tag Team thing.

Plus… The Kiss of life at the end. The most ridiculous thing ever.

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