Back in Time… WWE : In Your House 8 Beware of Dog

Another PPV kind of thing. In Your House Beware of Dog saw Michaels vs the Bulldog with the whole “you slept with my wife” thing going on, Taker vs Goldust in a Casket Match and all the other crazy things you would imagine from a In Your House.

Subpoena for Michaels

The story just got stupider and stupider. Using his whole “Heart Break Kid” gimmick they had the whole he slept with Diana Hart thing going on and it was just all a bit silly really wasn’t it?

Just before his match against the Bulldog they subpoenaed him which seems even more stupid.

Guess it isn’t long till we find out just what happened between the two of them. Though with Davey Boy not that upset you have to feel like someone might be lying.

Strap Match

I really never got the strap match stuff you know. You are tied to your opponent and have to touch all four corners of the ring first. This of course is made difficult by the fact you are tied to your opponent so even if you knock them down you have to drag their body around with you.

It just isn’t a interesting stipulation and after a boring opener and a OK Title match this was hard to watch even if it had Steve Austin  in it.

Vader vs Yokozuna

WHAT a match.

It wasn’t the greatest thing in the world but with it in mind how big the two guys are I really liked it. I had found most of the PPV kinda boring to be honest and this match really was the one that got me back in the game.

Vader was just a phenomenal big guy, so ridiculously athletic for a man of his size and I am honestly in awe every time I watch one of his matches.

Golden Casket

So whilst I moaned about the strap stipulation I actually quite like the Casket Match if I’m honest and I always loved that the Undertaker had these custom made coffins for his opponents just usually to be stuffed into them himself.

The match was a good one, as you’d expect from Taker and Goldust, but it was kind of funny seeing a giant gold coffin at ring side and remembering at one point in my life that would have terrified me.

Mankind makes Taker disappear!

So to further the whole Taker/Mankind thing, Mankind comes down at the end of the match and basically wins it for Goldust before making the Undertaker disappear.

The best part of the ending was just Paul Bearers reaction to everything. He just looked so funny, absolutely one of the best managers of all time.

Honourable Mentions…

The King of the Ring advert was something else. Honestly made me laugh out loud with the King being a dick to kids before being attacked by the Honky Tonk Man of all people!

Seamlessly this PPV recording on the Network blends both what little of the original broadcast it could with the second attempt at it days later. I nearly forgot they had to do it twice and only remembered when they showed the “Last Night on RAW” stuff with Goldust and the standings for the King of the Ring later in the night.

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