What we do in the Shadows : Pilot

The Mocumentary film of the same name was hilarious and now the BBC have brought a TV series to life starring one of our favourite and loud comedians Matt Berry.

So obviously we were going to give it a watch.

As a introduction to the characters it was a pretty good episode if a little slow. There were some really great moments like Nandor covering himself in glitter to be like the vampires from Twilight and watching Colin bore the energy out of people.

There was a little bit too much going on all at once.

I guess it set up the series pretty well though, it got over the whole Mocumentary style of it and gave us a good look at the three main vampires and Nandor’s Familiar whilst at the same time leaving the series open to just about anything. It had some fantastically funny moments as well as the slower ones but I think getting the ground work set on the characters was worth it really.

Nandor, Laszio and Nadja are all really fun together, they do bounce pretty well but strangely at the same time feel really apart too. Their scenes together work well but as soon as they are apart it feels like watching three people that have no connection even when talking about each other, I feel that is something that might change the longer it goes on what with their problems becoming more of a group problem but it bugged me a little in this episode.

Obviously I loved Berry as Laszio, I can’t help but love him, but the stand out was actually Harvey Guillen as Guillermo the Familiar.

He was just such a normal human in a weird position, the vampires were all super eccentric and of their time but he was a normal modern day human just trying to do his bit so that he could be turned by the end of all this. Him being kind of lost in conversations, ignored and a little picked on but also kind of being like a babysitter and having to do simple things for them was hilarious and he was really the highlight of the entire show.

So for a first episode it was OK.

Decent characters you kind of want more adventures with, some funny moments and a plot slowly forming.

Should be a good series!

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