Ghosts : Getting Out

So we’ve come to a end of our stay with all our friendly Ghosts at Button Manor but the question is will Alison and Mike be sticking around or have they finally found their way out of being haunted by a bunch of eccentric idiots.

Another great episode that really made it hard to say good bye to the series if I’m honest.

We saw some decent in the ranks as the other Ghosts finally got fed up of the Captain bossing them around, him using his smarts to trick Kitty into doing what needed to be done and a whole bunch of realization for Alison that she’s stuck seeing Ghosts forever more.

Again it had a lot of ideas that I would have liked to see expanded more but it all worked super well and ended up being another emotional yet hilarious episode. It also ended in such a place that everything has changed from Episode 1 yet… Most things have stayed the same which is nice but also means if it comes back for a second series then the relationships between the Ghosts and Alison will be able to be pushed straight into the foreground and I think that was something the series kind of missed a little bit.

This episode highlighted that too.

Some of the best moments of this entire series have been the character moments. Pat talking about his family and kind of bonding with Alison, the moment in this episode where Alison kind of realises she might just miss Kitty and her friendliness, Robin trying to be the voice of reason having had to survive in this spot for centuries and probably for a long LONG time all on his own. This episode was filled with them, I was honestly in tears whilst Fanny tried to help Alison by giving her the jewel that ended up having been pawned by her long dead husband, Kitty standing up for herself because she loves Mike and Alison and even the brief seconds she realised that she had done something nasty were fantastic even the Captain as annoying as he was kind of being ostracized by the group for being bossy was sad.

I think whilst the series has been hilarious and had great comedic moments, for example the ghost of the pigeon coming back to haunt Alison, it really was the characters that made it so good.

Which is what this group constantly do.

It has only been six episodes but as I said above it is already too soon to say goodbye to them. It might seem grim but I would have liked to explore how some of the others had died, their motivations as characters and just had some more fun with them all. Whilst I think unlike other things I’ve seen these guys do this one kind of took its time to warm up by the end of the series you just loved the cast of characters so much you don’t want them to stop coming back.

Now they are all stuck together for good as well which makes the hope of a second season even more enticing as Mike and Alison have to figure out what they are going to do now they have a house with a plague pit underneath it that is a place of historical interest, no money and a falling apart house with a bunch of in your face ghosts running around the place.

That is what I want to see more of.

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