Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : My III Deeds are The Work of God

Episode 29

Toga Azukauru wa Kami no Gō” (咎与うるは神の業)

Back to the present we go. With the chance of Randou’s partner showing up soon, Chuuya now fully Chuuya and totally backstoried out I have no idea where we are even going to go with this now.

Back to the present we go but not back to the agency just yet.

Whilst we are visiting a executive of the Mafia it isn’t really about the Mafia either.

No this is our introduction to Fyodor Dostoevsky who is captured on purpose by the Mafia to gain access to information on all its members but also for us to showcase how cruel and dangerous he is compared to Scott Fitzgerald.

I really enjoyed the pace of the episode.

As we have never met Dostoevsky before it was hard to figure him out and the entire episode was meant to be a misdirect and it worked so well. Whatever danger that Dostoevsky was we honestly were left waiting to find it out all the way till we thought he’d lost but when we actually saw the danger, when we saw what it was that he could do even without his power, it was terrifying.

It was hard to see where we would go with another faction about to show up straight after the Agency and Mafia got rid of a invading faction but this episode really made them feel like a new threat and not the same as the Guild. Not only that but you’d think something that had Lovecraft would out terrify anything else but no.

This episode had one of the most chilling scenes and once more made you question what you were watching because it was so far off the cheerful and funny stuff the Agency brings.

By the end of the episode Dostoevsky wins by making his captor commit suicide by duping him.

There isn’t much more to say other than just hearing him spell out how he did all this was one of the things I love so much. I would love to see him, Ranpo and Poe and even maybe a Doyle go head to head at some point because they all have the ability to think outside of the box and it would just be something special if they all ended up together.

Seriously a great episode.

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