Back in Time… RAW 20th May 1996

It’s my Birthday today YAY! And to celebrate we’re going back to the Go Home show for In Your House Beware of Dog.

Savio Vega and Steve Austin boring the opening half….

I really mean it too. Austin was against Mero in the first match and it was slow and just dreadful to watch, it was ended when Vega came out to attack Austin. After a promo about a tour and a tournament that Johnson won we have Vega out for his match against the 1-2-3 Kid which amazingly felt as slow and boring.

Maybe because I didn’t see the beginning of this feud I just don’t really care and it really was what was highlighted in the first half. Other than Vega demanding a Caribbean strap match with him and Austin costing him the IC title this was the most we’d actually seen since Mania of this feud.

I didn’t care for the feud or the two matches, even Dibiase on commentary for the Vega match couldn’t save it.

Godwins winning the belts

So it didn’t actually happen on RAW and I think that is something again missing from WWE now the unpredictability.

Loved seeing the Godwins winning though and them all getting upset with Pig, and yes I’m calling them Pig and Hog, for being in the locker room with Sunny.

Love Pig.

Always loved Pig. Loved him in the Ministry too but the Godwins are my favs.

Takers Promo from a Casket

Yeah are old fav Undertaker thought it was a good idea to chill in a casket and do a interview with good old JR.

Just it wasn’t a good idea and the lid was closed and chained shut by the dynamic duo of Mankind and Goldust.

The fact that the Undertaker really did a interview in a Casket is brilliant.

Monsoon vs Cornette

Jim Cornette’s change of pace from going off about Shawn Michaels and talking about his restraining order to reacting to Monsoon showing up at ringside was wonderful.

The “it was written by a proper judge not George of the Jungle” line was great and I don’t know why he thought WWE would allow Diana at ringside over a actual superstar, the jumping around in reaction to the news was perfect too.

Cornette really was one of the best.

King vs Michaels

The King interrogating Shawn Michaels over his need to be with women kind of overshadowed the main event.

Michaels and Lawler were both so good at just gobbing off and arguing, they were both fun to listen to. Who cared about the match when you could listen to them arguing about all sorts.

Also the one thing I love about Michaels is how he calls Lawler “Kingfish” its one of my favourite things. I loved that as a name for Lawler.

Honorable Mentions…

The fact that there ISN’T a honorable mention is the honorable mention. Usually I can pick at least one other thing that I enjoyed that deserved to be mentioned but the Austin/Vega stuff bored the life out of me so much that there wasn’t much more to go in there.

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