5 Things… Why people born on 20th May are the best!

Or here is a list of 5 people real or fictional born on the 20th May because so was I and I am awesome.

5. Dietrich Mateschitz

Why do I know who Mateschitz is? Why?

I do because I was a F1 fan and he is the dude who co-founded Red Bull and therefore the F1 team Red Bull. I only know him from F1 and didn’t realise he was actually the co-owner of the Red Bull business itself until this blog.

He’s a bloody billionaire! The 31st richest person in the world, imagine that having the 31st richest person sharing a birthday with yo.

Of course he is a whole bunch older, from Austria and probably enjoying his birthday a whole lot more then I am but a billionaire shares his birthday with a boring person from Plymouth.

Ain’t he lucky?!

4. Jack Gleeson

Lads I share my birthday with the actor who played Joffrey.

Personally I hate GoT, I really can’t stand it. The books are long winded and the TV show whilst impressive to look at bored the pants off me but I will not deny that the actors/actresses in that show were amazing and Gleeson was one of the best.

Remember how much you hated Joffrey?

Spoiler, you were meant too and Gleeson made him EVEN MORE BLOODY ANNOYING then he was in the books.

Apparently after GoT he retired from acting but his actual contribution to the history of TV is MASSIVE at such a young age as well and the boy was born on the same day as me.

I hope he has the best of birthdays. Not Joffrey though, he got what he deserves.

3. James Stewart

One of the most famous actors in history, a Academy Award winner as well as a military veteran James Stewart was one talented man.

I’ve only seen one film with him in and then seen a film he voice acted in, I loved one and hated the other but his place in history is one undeniable and I quote him on a weekly basis (I was a Fievel Goes West girl OK the lazy eye is my favourite quote) and he makes my list of people born today look even more amazing.

I have nothing to say about Stewart, as I said I don’t know much about him other then he voiced Wylie Burp and was in a boring Christmas film.

2. Kathryn Janeway


My favourite Star Trek Captain will always be Janeway. No it isn’t because I’m a feminist and OMG woman Captain but because I loved Voyager so much as a kid.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the original series and Next Gen but Janeway was just my favourite and when I found out that the character was born May 20th a few years ago my heart was full of joy.

Not very often can you find that your favourite fictional character shares your date of birth, mainly because they don’t even come from Earth let alone have a normal birth date, but even though she’s not actually born yet I happily get to share my birthday with one of mine.

So when you are born Janeway happy birthday!

1. Ben Potter

I watched WhatCulture Gaming, I still watch the videos and listen to the Podiots on Vidiots and now daily watch something on Triple Jump.

Ben and Peter are my favs and I love them nearly as much as I have shown I love Adam Pacitti in my various blog posts including that one that I compared him to a sloth…

So finding out, and I have no idea why I know this, that Ben has the same birthday then me, though I think he’s young lucky him, is nearly as amazing as finding out I share my birthday with a billionaire, a bastard King, a Sheriff Dog and my hero all rolled into one.

Of all the people I want him to have the happiest of birthdays mainly because his content on a weekly basis, along with Tiny Peter and the Cultaholic boys, actually keep me going sometimes. I have a hard life as I keep moaning about with depression and stress and this ridiculous love of tall nerds who seemingly hate me but my week is complete with his game stream, his list and then every other week Worst Games Ever.


There you have it. See how awesome us people born on this day are? We are fantastic.

Also BEFORE anyone says anything if you don’t know much about these blogs I haven’t ranked people sharing my birthday with me in some kind of order there are just 5 people I know share it that I have added to this list and number 1 just so happens to be the one I’m happiest sharing the birthday with because I love him so there. I know number 3 is more famous and number 5 is more successful and number 2 isn’t even real. I know.

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