Eurovision 2019

Once more fellow Europeans and Australian’s we are here for Eurovision. That one time of year Europe goes to war in a musical way.

Let us battle with music! Or something like that.

Michela Pace

We started off with the 18 year old Michela Pace and to be fair the girl has a lovely voice. Unfortunately for the song it sounded like just about every other pop song in the world and what was worse was it had a extremely muted and boring chorus and the song didn’t feel like it picked up until the end.

Then again if there was a win for use of backgrounds Malta might very much would win maybe… Depending on what happens next.

Ktheju Tokes
Jonida Maliqi

Something a little different and whilst maybe not as good as Malta in my opinion oh my was her voice so lovely.

I just think again that it was very low key and I was waiting for it to pick up but it just never did.

That said she looked fantastic and I honestly loved her voice so much. I do hope that she does well but I’m not sure I like her more then Malta.

Czech Republic
Friend of a Friend
Lake Malawi

Anna said it best when she said that they looked like they had been picked right out of the 80s and that isn’t a complement.

The Friend of a friend of a friend of a friend bit was fine but the rest of the song was terrible.

Another great use of the stage though.


Maybe the most pop-ish of all the songs so far but for some reason I really loved the song. I just thought the two of them complimented each other and whilst I’m not sure that the words made much sense I just really liked it.

My first favs of the night.

Sergey Lazarev

The first big ballad, James Bond-esque song that has come to be synonymous with Eurovision. He came in as one of the favourites and I can see why. He had such a strong voice and it was really captivating.

As was the stage stuff going on. It was a fantastic and really made the entire thing come over as super strong performance.

Took over as my favourite!

Love is Forever

What a sweet song.

The kind of thing I would listen to on Spotify any day of the week, it was cute and cheerful. Loved the entire theatrics of it and the chair, the colourful childish backgrounds, everyone just being friends.

Honestly had the right kind of feel for me for Eurovision and was such a understated song. Instant favourite. Yeah another one.

San Marino
Say Na Na Na 

I have little to say.

I didn’t like the way he kind of breathed the song out, his voice just creeped me out. Norton said that the song was written in 5 minutes and it feels like it really was because I honestly didn’t like a second of it.

Again great use of the backgrounds but it made my skin crawl.

North Macedonia
Tamara Todevska

Again I’m going to have to refer to Anna… At times it felt like she wasn’t singing and when she was singing it was great but I was too confused trying to figure out what was happening in the song to really care.

It was a bit… Confusing.

Honestly felt like she was singing something different from the actual song. I just didn’t get it at all.

Too Late for Love
John Lundvik

Really good pop song, not going to beat Denmark because whilst both seem to be generic pop songs I just liked the feeling of Denmark’s song more then this one.

That being said he has a lovely voice and is another guy that I would love to listen to more often.

Understandable that he is a favourite.

Zala Kralj & Gasper Santl

The Instagram couple that seemed to creep Graham Norton out.

Well… It was something.

Anna said robots. I just have to say that I’m very worried about children watching it. There was no point for the guy to be there and her voice was so monotonous so I get why Anna went with robots.

Just yeah.


It was a bit of a mix.

I like the music, didn’t like the actual song much, loved the clothes, disliked the dancers. I said on Twitter it was a emotional rollercoaster and that was exactly what it was.

In some way though I really liked it.

The Netherlands*
Duncan Laurence

Such a beautiful song, I think I always kind of like the Netherlands anyway but this was just such a lovely song.

It wasn’t flat or boring and whilst I don’t think it topped Denmark for me it was very much up there and I could see why it was the bookies favourite. It was just such a stirring song and Laurence has such a wonderful voice.

Better Love
Katerine Duska

There was something about it.

I loved the dancers, the entire presentation of the thing and even though at times I was really confused I just really enjoyed it all.

Also loved her voice and the song she was singing and the music. I just felt like the two didn’t go together as well as they should have, specially when she was going for the high notes. The music didn’t seem to match the energy at times.

Kobi Marimi

Again Anna said it best when she said it was like he was auditioning for a new Disney song.

I think everything I saw online was that the song was kind of meh but his voice was nice and I have to agree. It was nice to lose yourself in his voice but the actual song wasn’t very good and whilst I did like the ending and the fact that he just sang and then got so upset about it just made it good.

Just not that great.

Spirit in the Sky

Actually a really good song.

It took till the middle part of the song for me to get it because the guy with the deep voice kind of threw me off but by the end he was actually the best.

Plus the entire performance was great.

United Kingdom
Bigger than Us
Michael Rice

I don’t really have much to say about it to be honest.

Another generic pop song that doesn’t really leave much of a impression but he has a wonderful voice and I do hope that he goes onto bigger things from this because he was great.

The song was just plain and boring though.

Hatrio Mun Sigra

Well it was shouty, it was exactly something Anna would like hence why comparisons to Rammstein were made but oh my did it worry me.

The lead singer just kind of screamed the entire time, the blonde one was actually quite sweet, the backing dancers and entire thing were just terrifying.

Kinda want it to win just to be one of those weird things.

Victor Crone

I don’t really have much to talk about if I’m honest. I didn’t like it much.

Like It

Much like above it was a pop song but it was boring. Didn’t like it at all so have little to say.


It started off strong and I liked the ending but the middle of the song was kind of bland and it got boring listening to him to be honest which is a shame because at first it sounded different but then it just kind of got boring.

That being said I think it was one of the stronger songs of the night.

Bilal Hassani

I think both me and Anna cried.

It very much was about people achieving their dreams no matter what. The ballet dancer and deaf dancer were brilliant additions to a strong song that I really adored.

She became a favourite just because of that.

The song itself wasn’t the best of the night but as a package it just worked more then the others.


Another I just didn’t like it. The clapping was fun though.

Nevena Bozovic

I’m kind of sad I didn’t like this one because it was something not that bad but it just went on too long and was too samey. If it had been on earlier in the night I think I would have liked it more.

Stage stuff was fantastic though.

She Got Me
Luca Hanni

I can’t really make my mind up whether or not I liked it if I’m honest with you. On one hand it was a little different and I did like his voice.

On the other hand like Serbia it was late in the night and we’ve already heard enough things that sound similar enough that it really wasn’t that interesting for me.

That being said I liked it.

Zero Gravity
Kate Miller-Heidke

It was different and I liked it but not enough for it to be a favourite.

It was much more Operatic and the stage stuff was great. She had a fantastic voice but was dressed like a weird Statue of Liberty and I don’t really know what else to say.

Australia do Eurovision hard the right way.

La Venda

Very Ricky Martin. Liked it and the perfect way to end the show but I didn’t like it as much as the others.


That is it.

That is this years Eurovision for me.

Hoping I think for France to win.

Ones with * next to them are Anna’s picks.

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