Week 55 : Are people in this current generation less or more sensitive than people from past generations?

Our generation is constantly being told that we are too sensitive and that we should get thicker skin but I don’t think it is so much we’re more sensitive or that this is even a bad thing if we are.

What is actually happening is that humanity is starting to break boundaries that just shouldn’t be there. We are very slowly starting to see people as people and less of a bunch of labels we never were asked to have to carry with us.

Women slowly getting equality helps males in a toxic environment come out of their shells and feel safe to say what happens to them and they should just “man up” isn’t right. It also means that women can say keep your hands to yourself and leave us the hell alone if we tell you too without being legally locked in cupboards and raped by husbands we didn’t want.

It means that people can love who they want and be openly upset and angry when someone tries to take their freedom to love away from them.

People who feel lost and unsupported are slowly finding out they aren’t alone whether it be crippling mental health problems or something much more serious like feeling like you were born in the wrong body. Rightfully so people are starting to see that constantly making jokes about these people’s feelings and way of life is wrong and are calling out assholes who go out of their way to ruin other people’s lives.

What most people mean by being over sensitive is purely humanity and our generation marching on towards a better world where people aren’t judged by out of date and old fashioned restraints in society. Where people can feel safe being whoever they want to be without having to be judged by someone who can’t see the world outside of their own box.

Let me get it straight I know we are nowhere near that yet but the people mostly accused of being sensitive are those who just want the world to be at peace with each other, who don’t find it funny when people constantly make poor taste jokes to hurt others not just to be funny and who have greater empathy for a wider range of people going through a wider range of problems then those of older generations even bothered to think of. Mainly because the older generations are the ones that enforced this “get over it” culture that just isn’t right.

I think the world is probably becoming more “sensitive” in a way and  that is never a bad thing.

People can be people without other people judging them from some moral high ground that they just don’t have.

Even I think some people are overly sensitive but our generation as a whole is trying to lay some groundwork for those coming after us so that the world handles them with more care. It’ll take more then our generation to do it but us being sensitive just equates to us caring more about other people and not being scared to stand up for what we believe in.

So maybe we are but it doesn’t seem to be a bad way to be if the opposite means that same sex relationships are illegal, that men can do whatever they want to women and we just have to deal with it and men aren’t made to believe that they have to enjoy whatever life throws at them because they are men. If the world can be a kinder place with a bit of sensitivity in it then I’m all for it.

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