Ghosts : Moonah Ston

Another week of watching Alison struggle with both the world of her Ghostly friends and that of her normal day to day life.

Once again the show delivers the highest quality of giggles you could possibly ask for. From meeting the neigbours to turning the Ghosts into fans of Friends and of course the heart breaking small moments that litter the series the episode had it all.

I really am sad that it is only 6 episodes long though as I feel like the show is really starting to find its feet now.

No longer is the world of Alison and the Ghosts separate and whilst there are still moments when she doesn’t get on with them or they get in her way it feels much more natural but not only that we got a good look into them living together in the mansion.

Really enjoyed watching Alison asking the Ghosts for their help at the beginning of the episode and also the small moment where the Ghosts stood up for themselves by telling her that she can’t banish them from sight in one moment whilst calling for their help the next. It is a interesting dynamic that I feel needed to be fleshed out a little more but it just didn’t have the time.

Once more Laurence Rickard stole the show for me as Robin. It was a stark reminder that whilst it is funny to have a caveman running around the place and having trouble communicating that he has been around for so long, seen everything there is to see that it must be so hard for him. For the amount of makeup he has on he has no problems showing all the emotion that a prehistoric man that has lived on this plot of land and been forced to spend time with a hodge podge of characters from the Edwardian period to present day can possibly show and I was actually nearly brought to tears when at first Alison was able to stop the ceremony by enticing the group with a DVD and then was told to be quiet by Pat whilst the group watched Friends.

I keep saying I have always been a fan of Rickard’s but he really is shining in this series.

As for the neighbours the story was simple and went along fine. Plenty of laughs, he brought Dogs so bonus points to it for having the scene where Pat had to decide between “petting” the dog and feeling sick for having his hands go through a living being. 100% would pick petting the dog over discomfort any day of the week so that was relatable content right there.

It is hard to tell you how much I enjoy the contrast of what is happening in reality and what is happening in the world that most humans see. Going from a quiet room of people talking to seeing what Alison can see is my favourite thing, from watching a boring conversation or indeed a quiet drama piece like in the last episode turn into a row or just a loud chanting with double or triple the amount of people is wonderful and I think they manage to portray that really well.  Charlotte Ritchie is honestly in her element at those moments, reminding us that she’s struggling to live a normal life as Alison whilst having bickering ghosts in her ear constantly. Just small moments like forgetting that Kitty is a ghost so dropping the wine whilst passing it to her or jumping every time Fanny tells her she’s doing something wrong is perfectly done in both scenes where the ghosts are present and when they aren’t.

Honestly is one of the best programs I’ve seen in a long time rivaling Bill as my favourite thing the group has done.

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