Back in Time… RAW May 13th 1996

Last week was a great RAW with Goldust at ringside being creepy, getting to see Tekno Team 2000 who I hopefully will have seen the last of and we got more accusations against Shawn Michaels.

Ahmed Johnson’s one good moment

I never liked Johnson but calling Sunny trash is possibly the only good thing I will ever give him credit for.

It was hilarious.

Warrior University

This was a thing that WWE was giving airtime. We got to hear all about it and I’m sure we’ll get to see more of it in the coming weeks.

I can’t be the only person who always hated Warrior?! Why would anyone like him? He was just weird.

Jim Cornette

He very much is a wrestling treasure.

Him and the King shaking hands and nearly taking off Vince’s head, his half screaming constant stream about Vader including the whole “I never said he was a man” stuff plus his reaction to Vader going down was great.

He really was one of the absolute best when it came to bigging up his guys, he could be dastardly when needs be but he can also just add to the atmosphere by reacting. Again something that is kind of lost nowadays but managers back then really did well.

Taker/Goldust/Mankind Promo

I really hope when his career is over and we all reflect on Goldust through the years THIS Goldust gets a lot of love.

He came down to the ring and started to flirt with Taker. Like proper Undertaker Taker too with the make up to make him look like a serious deadman. He held his hand, asked him if he smelt of embalming fluid and then stripped and lay on top of him after Mankind took him out.

Is it ridiculous?


It was such a unique character though and he played the part so well that it deserves love. Plus it kept Mankind around Taker for the inevitable Mankind/Taker feud.

The King looking after Hunters woman… Yes that happened.

It is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, to play up the whole Shawn Michaels is stealing all the women in the world we had Hunters escort sat next to the King who decided he’d protect her from the philanderer Shawn Michaels.

I mean the main event was obviously a brilliant one seeing that it was HBK vs HHH, who would ever think they’d have a bad one, but the brief moments of The King messing around and playing up this story with Michaels and Bulldog that I loved most about it.

Honorable Mention

JBL looked a tiny bit like Chris Hero when he was younger with long hair tied back in a ponytail coming out as Justin Hawk Bradshaw with Dutch Mantel, back then as Uncle Zebekiah, by his side.

Another brilliant manager by the way.

There was a fight at the beach in Kuwait between Michaels and Bulldog too which was hilarious. Like seriously hilarious. Bulldog trying to drown Michaels before doing  Baywatch-esque run away.

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