Fairy Gone : Black Moon and Lost Child’s Song

Episode 5

Kuroi Tsuki to Mayoigo no Uta” (Japanese黒い月と迷い子の唄)

We can’t really make our mind up whether Marlya is actually having to find Veronica or if Veronica is just there all the time just to show up before we have to listen to too much whining but here Veronica is once more. This time to save the day… And also maybe steal the Tome.

OK so taking away that I don’t really care for their story we start with more bits and pieces of the backstory of Maryla and Veronica.

Like I don’t really get Maryla that much, whilst it was horrible that her mother died in childbirth and her father died somehow and she ended up in a home with a crazy woman by the looks of her and a guy who wasn’t really good with emotions it wasn’t like he called her a little disaster or anything and I just don’t get it. We are meant to feel sorry for her but I kind of just don’t. I don’t really know why not either. I guess I just think it could be worse, she didn’t get abused or have what looked like a bad life with these people, it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst.

Whilst on the other hand I’ve always kind of understood Veronica. Her whole life was perfect up until the war obviously destroyed it and she was then motivated by her hatred to become who she was, she tried to assassinate the new King just to have him use his Fairy against her which then makes sense why she’d want a Fairy or if she had it for some other reason why she would now use it for whatever reason.

Of the two Veronica is probably my favourite of the two which is completely different from the relationship we’ve seen between Free and Wolfran where I kind of feel for both of them and want to see something good happen for the two of them even if right now they are on opposite sides and one is obviously more “right” then the other in this world at least. Wolfran like Veronica is understandably upset, angry and hurt by what he lost in the war and whilst Veronica was a kid who couldn’t fight Wolfran WAS fighting and still couldn’t protect the people he loved. The two are great characters but whilst Free is also in my opinion a great character Maryla seems a bit pointless.

She also never till now came across as being really weak and in need of protection which really annoyed me in the last episode I think.

The fights were great though, I liked how overly strong Free is especially now that we’re being told that Maryla isn’t that great but Jonathan vs Veronica was amazing and his death was just as creepy as his life had been.

We moved on afterwards and got to be introduced to more of the gang that we’ll be working with.

There are loud ones, ones that drink too much, sensible ones, the silent types…

I quite liked meeting the others but it felt kind of tacked onto the end and I hope that this isn’t the only time we get to meet them and that they become important parts of the story. They can’t really give us too much more backstory on Maryla and Veronica so the show needs to beef up what it is about and I really liked the entire group. Of course we knew two of them from the other episode but it was just nice to see everyone together and not on a mission at all.

All in all it was a better episode then the previous one but I still have my doubts that I’ll rate it highly when all is said and done.

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