Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : The Town Where Everything Began

Episode 50

Hajimari no Machi” (はじまりの街)

So we’re back with Attack on Titan’s second part to season 3 where the Survey Corps are going back to… As the title suggestion… The Town Where it All Began.

It was basically your atypical Attack on Titan episode.

Eren talking himself in and out of doing the job he has to do, things looking like it is going well when you know something bad is going to happen next and just about everything else that is pretty much normal for this show.

I’ve read the manga past this point and I do like this battle though so whilst it is atypical AoT it didn’t bother me, it was a good episode with plenty of interesting moments in it. The beginning of the battle with the Titans is upon us and it started off in a spectacular fashion even if the build up was a little slow.

Then again that is one of the good things about AoT is that they do do the slow build so at least you get to see the build.

We continue to have that balance of the main three characters that stops me from being completely incapable of watching the show. Whilst Eren does his job with a lot of talking himself in and out of it and us being reminded by him that this is the fight for the future of all the people that are in the walls, Armin is trying to think outside of the box to figure out just how the enemies will attack and to a point he figures it out.

How much of that they had figured out that Armin would figure out I don’t know, he guesses that they wouldn’t figure it out at all due to the fact that they don’t know about the Titans in the wall but I mean, it is so all over the place at times it is hard to imagine that the enemies haven’t figured that out.

I really like that Levi attacked Reiner when he appeared and that is wasn’t one of the main characters that found him. Not because Reiner killed the person that found him but because one thing I do give AoT credit for is that whilst Eren has the Titan ability therefore is “special” and Mikasa is a super fighter and Armin is super smart they aren’t the be all and end all of the episodes. Levi is also a super fighter, Erwin is also super smart and they are just there as part of a team. At no point does AoT really stop that being a thing, they never have Eren suddenly become the greatest fighter and thinker of all time and even when he’s saying or doing something heroic he is actually pretty dumb and either running into a fight he has to be saved from which costs others their lives or just saying something that comes into his head but isn’t actually that important.

Plus I just love Levi and wish him and Hanji were the main characters.

It really just built the tension for the unveiling of where the enemies were and the build to the battle that we’re going to now see in at least the next episode. Both the Beast Titan and the Armoured Titan are in play, loads of the normal Titans have appeared and there is a obvious strategy being deployed to put the scouts on the back foot.

Next episode should be amazing.

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