Fairy Gone : Impatient Housekeeper and Selfish Artist

Episode 4

Sekkachi Kaseifu to Wagamama Geijutsuka” (せっかち家政婦とわがまま芸術家)

If nothing else these episode titles are pretty cool.

Last episode gave us all the information I guess we need to know on why the Black Fairy Tome is so important. We also got a clusterfuck of characters all in the same place looking for the same thing which worked and didn’t work at the same time.

Now we need Sweetie to stop bullying Marlya.

A slower episode that ended on a better bang then it started with.

It had a ton of world building in it with us getting to know more about how the world works. Obviously knowing about Fairies and what they can do and be used for is something the government doesn’t really want to have out so whilst they let people out there with knowledge they would rather have them in their group. This is kind of why I guess Free is with them but why the Private Collectors aren’t.

Again it was a lot of talking but when it got down to the actual action in this episode I think it did better at making you get into it.

Maybe the crowding was too much in the last episode, in this one there is still some crowding but it is handled better. Sweetie is gone and it is down to Jonathan and Patricia to steal the Tome and sort out both Free and Maryla.

One thing I didn’t get was that they seemed to be able to steal the Tome pretty easy so why did they have to make such a big deal out of their presence?

I guess their job was both to kill the two agents and steal the Tome but it seems that Patricia isn’t even that confident she can defeat Free, leaving Jonathan to go and kidnap Maryla whilst she takes on the Soldier. Of course this goes well up until Veronica, who half might be there to help Maryla but mostly is there to re-steal the Tome, shows up to put a stop to the kidnap.

Veronica and Maryla’s stories might be the ones we’re meant to care about the most but they just aren’t that interesting. The story is told and no matter how many times we get the “I’m unlucky” story from Maryla with her adding little bits here and there about Veronica, or even flashbacks to them spending time together as kids, I just don’t care for it.

This might be the problem I now have with this series.

The story it wants to tell doesn’t really need to be explained beyond the point it has. We get the reason why Maryla wants to find Veronica and even the why for Veronica not caring. This whole thing is pretty much explained away and whilst the search for Veronica might have been half interesting the fact she shows up all the time stops it from being so. Therefore as a character, Maryla is kind of redundant in the show.

Then they give us all these little bits and pieces about Fairies, Fairy Soldiers and how they are made and this great war that killed the majority of the soldiers that they made and they want us to care about Maryla?

I want to know the ins and outs of the Fairy world.

How did they really realise how to make Soldiers? Why did they do it? So many questions that are more interesting then anything to do with Maryla.

Plus they then throw us hundreds of different characters, mafias and all sorts that have interesting and creepy characters like Jonathan and again Maryla is pushed back in our minds because she just isn’t that interesting.

In a world where Jonathan is running around being all creepy who cares for Maryla?

It is sad because I really do like most of the series but if this is going to be the running theme, we have to hear about Veronica just for her to pop up anyway, then I might stop enjoying it.

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