Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : My Own Steel

Episode 5

Onore no Hagane” (己の鋼)

Tanjiro came face to face with a Morphed Demon who had spent the last few era’s killing any and all of Urokodaki’s students that came his way. The battle was tough but it is over…

We just got this epic fight with a monster that bragged about killing people, that had Morphed due to how much it had killed.

Then they start the next episode, this episode, reminding us that these aren’t creatures that are born to this life. This isn’t a life that has been chosen. This is a child that had been turned and had killed those it loved and countless others until it no longer even resembled a human let alone the child it had once been. It is something that craved blood and to eat because it was turned into a Demon and just followed its survival instinct then got imprisoned by a Demon Slayer and warped even further into a monster.

This is what I meant in the last episode.

Not only did the episode itself remind us that this is basically Nezuko’s life, no one asked for this, it once more showed that no matter what Tanjiro hears, no matter what he knows of a situation deep down he just knows this isn’t the path that child would have taken. All it wanted was for its brother to hold his hand and keep him safe.

So Tanjiro held its hand when it disappeared.

Two things I guess from this.

First up I like the fact that the Demon Morphed into something that seemingly meant something to him. I thought that the whole thing was just arms because it was a creepy way of presenting a Demon but then you actually looked at the story we were told here and he was scared, trying to reach out to his brother who he had eaten  to hold his hand like he always did when he was scared.

Secondly that the show itself wants us to remember that these are people. Most of the Demon’s we encounter are just normal bog standard Demons that attack and we see no more of them but underneath it all they are still just humans that were forced into this life. The easier option for them was death but they didn’t get the option and now they are hunted.

They might have eaten and killed loved ones, there might be a part of them deep down inside that hates what they are doing.

They can’t help it though.

It really hit me in that moment what the show was trying to get across with the Nezuko stuff. Whilst the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko is obviously important it still hadn’t really settled in my mind that the Demons that Tanjiro were fighting are just like Nezuko. This one really hit hard and I liked that.

As for the other 4 survivors we only actually meet three others but are told there is one more when I guess the leader of the Demon Slayers say that 5 had survived. Thankfully not the guy who ran away after Tanjiro saved him and was knocked out. I really liked the guy in yellow who was terrified of everything and instead of getting a messenger crow got a sparrow, he seems to pop up in the opening and ending credits so I’m guessing that he’ll be one of the guys working with Tanjiro quite closely and I can’t wait to see more of him and actually learn what brought him here. He seems to be very pessimistic yet he survived the Final Selection and managed to be picked to go there first so his story is the one I’m looking forward to hearing the most if we get to hear any of their stories I guess.

Then we met the guy that makes Tanjiro’s blade.

His blade turns black which they don’t really go into, it is colour changing and the guy who made it wanted his to turn red but it didn’t. Before Urokodaki could talk about it further a kind of scuffle happens where the Sword maker grabs hold of Tanjiro and goes crazy then his messenger crow shows up giving him his first order.

Another really good episode. Not only did it have the main story line right there in front of us the whole time it introduced a few new characters and the new life in front of Tanjiro really well at the same time. I enjoyed meeting the new characters and they all, even when they didn’t say much, stood out in their own way.

My biggest thing about this episode is how strange yet beautiful everything is.

The twins, I talked about how they came over as creepy but they are just visually amazing to look at. The Sword guy was beautiful to watch walking down the road with that hat then his mask being a clown one and the way he moved just made sure that you always had eyes for him. Even small little moments like the few tears you see in between Urokodaki’s mask and face when Tanjiro returns were just beautiful little moments.

It really is a series that can blow your mind with both a wonderfully crafted story but also the beauty they put into every scene.

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