Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : Only a Diamond Can Polish a Diamond

Episode 28

Daiya wa Daiya-de Shika” (ダイヤはダイヤでしか)

I have to admit I was not expecting Chuuya to be Arahabaki whilst at the same time I think I did know that.

What that means and what is going to happen next is anyone’s guess but I just am so happy that Chuuya is getting a flashback series because I love Chuuya and he is my heart.

Honestly I have to admit that I found the battle kind of boring to watch, it was impressive but it was also wordy as well and I lost interest half way through what Randou was saying.

The battle was amazing and I’m sure learning what Randou wanted was interesting but it didn’t really interest me that much. I got the jist that he was over here spying on the Mafia and finding out all he could on Arahabaki, he tried to capture Arahabaki which caused the explosion and whilst Chuuya might have Arahabaki residing in him he isn’t Arahabaki.

Imagine trying to watch a fight and have that all go into your head.

Sometimes this show does that though, I remember that I had a hard time in the first few episodes because this kept happening. It isn’t even that I’m not good at doing two things at once I just have to at least be interested in both and not just one or the other.

In the end the battle, well, ended and we were left with Randou dead and Chuuya having to make a tough decision.

I liked how he was pretty much expelled from the Sheep but not only that we get a explanation of why the Sheep are no longer around. It was also nice to see the Dazai was the one that brought him in, to find out that the hat Chuuya always wears was actually Randou’s and actually understanding why he would choose to join the Mafia after being against them for so long.

It just cemented Chuuya as one of my top favourite characters in the series if I’m honest. I absolutely adore him.

Not only that but we got a final little moment between him and Dazai before obviously flashing back to the current and even got to see Ango who was making notes on all of this and we learn that Randou’s partner was still alive and that Chuuya would soon get to confront him.

It was just a good episode to end the flashback and now, I hope, we get to see the present day characters doing what they do best.

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