One Punch Man Season 2 : Metal Bat

Episode 4

Kinzoku no Batto” ( 金属のバット)

I did originally worry that the end of the last episode might have made what the series had been working towards a bit pointless but I have to say that this episode completely changed my mind.

It continued to create Garo as being this threat by once more showing off just who he is and what he’s done. We learn about the incident at Blasts Dojo, we learn that a year ago he took someones place in the Martial Arts tournament and won and we see him get back up after being taken down by Saitama and just shaking it off and moving on towards his next victim.

Unfortunately that next victim is the titled Metal Bat.

Whilst we have a interesting battle between Metal Bat and Garo to look forward too we can’t take away from the Martial Arts tournament.

Saitama has learnt that he can be in serious trouble for taking someone else’s place and that people here KNOW Charanko so he’s in a bit of trouble but we all know that in the end Saitama can take out pretty much all of the people.

Post credit scene though we get a look at what might actually be a threat to Saitama in some way as another fighter asks two girls to take him to the tournament. You have to think he is a fighter because why have the scene?

I like how the series is taking a look at the heroes as a group instead of in their interactions with Saitama. Whilst they are being slowly taken out by Garo at the same time we are learning more about them and why they are in the positions they are in. We see Metal Bat and how he is close to his sister, how he has strong opinions on what the rich guy he’s protecting is doing and we see how strong he is as he goes up against two monsters before a Dragon Level monster appears and of course, Garo then appears.

It was the same with Tank Top Master, Golden Ball and to a smaller extent Spring Mustachio and it is opening the world to really be about these heroes and not just Saitama’s journey to find something that gives him a half decent fight.

In fact Saitama wasn’t even that important to this episode.

They kind of built up the Tournament which I believe will be the focus of the next episode possibly alongside the fight with Metal Bat but he didn’t really appear much plus when he did it was mainly to talk about Garo and even Charanko and Mumen Rider only briefly appeared to talk about Saitama as well.

Whilst that might be disappointing to some because Saitama is the main point of comedy in the show I like that we’re getting to know other S Rank characters, people who are the top of the mountain and that Saitama at some point will have to work with or surpass in his own way. It makes it feel more like we’re looking at Heroes and less like we’re just in a city full of wannabes and wondering why Saitama isn’t top of the pile just because of his ability to beat anything in one punch.

I was hooked on the episode just because I wanted to know more about Garo and Metal Bat and see where their journey took them.

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