Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : The Trickster with Amber Eyes

Episode 3

Kohaku no Hitomi no Torikkusutā” (琥珀の瞳のトリックスター)

So there is a zombie attack thanks to the titles Trickster who knows of Seimei.

Kyoshi are actually a little different from Zombies, apparently they are different due to how their bodies remain intact or something and these ones in particular apparently come from the WWII era which was a cool little detail.

This episode actually took a horrible turn. I really hope it keeps up with how good the first three episodes have been because this twist was actually pretty amazing and the darker turn it took was interesting. The first episode made it feel like it was going to be a feel good mystery with Anothers to meet and get to know, then it started to get darker with Kyoshi and evil birds that have ever bleeding heads and now there is a alter that is made up of four girls that have been collected by a “Friend of a friend of a friend” of Kohaku/Huehuecoyotl/Coyote’s, the Trickster, meaning not only did it look at one point that they’d have to kill four innocent girls but there is a Demon as well COLLECTING girls.

It also opened up so many more things.

First up that Coyote, which is what I’m gonna call him, is actually a old Aztec God, much like Loki he was a Trickster and like in this episode he pitted humans and Anothers against each other for fun and was branded a God of Disaster. He was friends with Seimei and now seems to be attached to Miyako which is interesting. Miyako says in the episode that he’s much like a child that is bored and playing around so it’ll be interesting to see what he’s got planned.

Not only that but the case of the missing girls seems to have sparked something in Sakaki and we learn that he’s looking for answer about his sister which obviously means that he’s got a missing sister who he thinks a Demon, this Demon that Coyote knows, is the one that took her.

It was a really good episode that kind of made you believe that not everything is as it seems.

Coyote for example is much like Loki, he is a bad guy but at the same time he isn’t. He is like a child that wants to play and unfortunately his playing is pretty dangerous, he kind of just wants his friend back and whilst Miyako will play along to a point to keep people safe it is hard to do when you aren’t the person they think you are.

Really enjoy everything about this series if I’m honest and can’t wait to see where Coyote now slots into everything.

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