Ghosts : Free Pass

I wasn’t the biggest fan of last weeks episode but this week we actually got a good look at just how much havoc the Ghosts can get up to in day to day life.

Of course we still had something big happening as Alison and Mike let a film crew into the house to film a period drama, unlike the builders the film crew and actors were really funny and the situations that happened due to the house falling apart and the Ghosts getting in the way was perfect. When you just think that everything is going right as well it didn’t go so right for them.

From beginning to end I was in tears of laughter.

Every character shone in the episode too. Watching Mike sit around counting how many people are in the room because it could only support 15 people, Alison once more going crazy because of the Ghosts misbehaving at ridiculous moments.

Possibly my favourite scene of the entire series so far though was when Thomas came marching into the scene to tell everyone why he had a problem with Lord Byron getting more and more dramatic as the scene goes on, his scene playing out over the top of what was being recorded. The best line was when Kitty told him that he falls in love with every woman after he said that Alison was the woman of his dreams and he replies without missing a beat “Well I have many dreams” which floored me. So far I hadn’t really fallen in love with Thomas which is strange because Mathew Baynton is one of my absolute favourite people and I always love his characters but given the chance to be over dramatic and end up “drowning himself in the lake” he honestly stole the entire episode.

As for the others they all had some wonderful lines. Robin getting angry at one of the crew who ruined his chess game so went out of his way to ruin the lighting, Kitty getting all flustered as she had a crush on the actor and wanted to see the sex scene, Pat trying to explain to Mary how filming works and her getting right into it and having a good eye for it as well… It was just a barrel of laughs, each character had their part to play and each part just worked wonderfully.

I just felt like it was more natural then the previous episode that had many of the same moments in it with Alison. Some of the situations she got in with the builders just seemed odd and forced to have the builders leave whilst in this episode she just came across as being a little bit strange at times which could be hidden behind her house being used to film a TV show. For me it just worked and it is by far the best episode. I just really liked seeing the Ghosts just get on with their lives and doing things they want too, the fact that the set was completely quiet and you knew it was but you got to hear them all arguing and stuff was just brilliant.

Did wonder if the cameras and stuff were going to pick things up and we might see the lady back after realising the house was haunted but doubt that is going to happen. It would be funny though.

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