Fairy Gone : Greedy Fox and Lying Crow

Episode 3

Yokubari Kitsune to Usotsuki Karasu” (欲ばりキツネと嘘つきカラス)

Slowly we are learning more and more about Fairy Soldiers, the world that created them and why the world is just the way it is right now.

This episode started off really interesting in that it explained the Fairy Soldiers a little more and the history surrounding especially Free and Wolfran but then became very crowded very fast.

It didn’t suffer because it got crowded but it really did.

I’ve always enjoyed that this show just puts all its cards on the table and by the end of the episode we learn why people want the Black Fairy Tome and why it is even a little important. Free and Marlya are off to get it as is Bitter Sweet who kind of works for the Mafia, kind of works for herself, another guy is there to steal it as is Veronica.

There is a lot of information to take in and lots going on which makes it hard to really talk about the episode without just recapping a lot of talking.

It works though for it.

You hang on every word and get interested in what they are talking about and even when it shifts to like the chase in the streets and all these characters kind of ending up in the same place at the same time it just works.

I didn’t really get Bitter Sweet or care much for her, the revelation at the end that she also has a Fairy now didn’t surprise me as it just feels like everyone is going to have one, it is meant to feel like something special if they have them seeing that only 300 soldiers were produced and 17 survived but already you just see so many people with them that I don’t think the surprise worked well.

Personally I want to learn more about the war, I want to learn more about Free and Wolfran and I want to know more about Fairies and the science behind all this.

The whole gangster kind of thing doesn’t do anything for me and whilst the episode was still interesting and I like it I just didn’t engage with it as much. I didn’t really want to see them all chasing down the street and most of the surprising moments could be seen a mile off.

That being said as I’ve already mentioned it just worked.

I didn’t have to enjoy it to get into it and care and whilst this episode didn’t do much for me it did as well because it moved the story on to the point that I’m interested in where it goes next.

A bit of a mixed bag.

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