Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Final Selection

Episode 4

Saishū Senbetsu” (最終選別)

Finally Tanjiro’s training pays off and he has sliced the boulder in two and off to Final Selection he goes.

First up I guess I want to say that I’m really happy that we got a explanation to how he figured out to find a opening in Sabito’s attacks and also how it uses his super sense of smell.

It also didn’t surprise me to find out that Sabito and Makomo were both dead. It made sense and I think we figured that out ourselves at the end of the episode.

As for the episode as a whole it was actually a fantastic episode all round. We got to learn a lot about Urokodaki without actually learning much if that makes sense. Whilst we might have thought he was being hard on Tanjiro we can now kind of understand. I mean it was plain to see that he just knew that the world that Tanjiro wanted to enter was super dangerous and he didn’t want him to be part of it but now we know that it was deeper then that.

Much deeper.

Fast forward to the Final Selection and it looks like Tanjiro might just be able to get through it. He’s OK fighting Demons now and with his sword he just needs to attack and get the neck and they are gone. He’s got a plan and he’s trying to stick to it when I guess Urokodaki’s shame in a way marches in.

A Morphed Demon from the Edo Period that Urokodaki had taken and imprisoned there.

Over time it had eaten countless students trying to pass the Final Selection including every single one of Urokodaki’s students. This included obviously Sabito and Makomo and we even got a look at how both died whilst they both sat questioning whether or not Tanjiro would make it.

The Morphed Demon was amazing.

Creepy as hell with so many arms and being able to create more arms, it was protecting its head with its arms whilst in a way it was just made out of arms. Everything about it actually made your skin crawl including its voice. It spent most of the episode mocking Tanjiro and even gave away I guess its biggest move which was to enrage Urokodaki’s students to the point that they lose control and he is able to attack their weakness when they weren’t paying attention, this does happen to Tanjiro but he also manages to snap out of it due to I guess his connection to his family as a memory/ghost/something of one of his long dead siblings appears calling to him whilst knocked out and saves his life.

The fighting in this is so interesting to watch and it is made so much better by the Demons being super cool and Tanjiro continuing to be a interesting character to grow with.

We see how far he has come just from these fights, he doesn’t hesitate and he is able to kill two Demons together then the Morphed Demon without much of a rest between.

Besides that we also get to see that he actually hasn’t lost anything that make him Tanjiro.

He prays that the Demons find peace and whilst he is out there killing Demons to becoem a Demon slayer he’s still just this loving and caring kid trying to do what is best whilst finding a way to bring his sister back from a nightmare that no one could possibly understand really.

Everything about the show really is just so good and it continues to pull you into the story and make you care about what is happening.

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