Week 54 : Is it more Important to be Respected or Liked?

In this day and age it is our goal in life seemingly to be liked by people regardless of whether or not they respect us.

Personally I do not think this is a smart way to live.

People liking you isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

If someone likes you it doesn’t mean that they won’t use you. If you are a likeable person it is quite likely that you are helpful and go out of your way to do things for others. Even the nicest of people will take that for granted if they don’t respect you at all.

It would be nice if people that liked you would respect you too but that isn’t always the case and because it isn’t always the case it means that your good nature can be used against you if all the person does is like you. You might think liking and respect come hand in hand but that isn’t the case. You will find people can love you but without respecting you as a human they’ll throw you under the bus if they had to.

First off though you have to respect yourself and see the difference between people who just like you because you are a nice person and people who like and respect you. If you can’t see the difference then people will realise that they can take advantage even if they have no malice in how they do it. It might be a co-worker who knows that you’ll always do their shifts for them but has no intention of doing the same for you, a friend who will ask for money but never give it back or even offer to lend you some when you need it or a family member who expects you to do their shit for them but when you ask for a favour you have to earn it.

All these people will like you, they might even truly call you a friend or love you but that doesn’t mean they respect you and therefore you’ll be used every time.

In a ideal world respect would come first but in this age when everyone wants to be loved people forget that the most important thing is to be respected and to respect yourself.

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