Ghosts : Happy Death Day

With Alison now no longer scared of her Ghostly pals we get down to some serious business with the gang as we get closer to poor Pat’s Death Day.

It is actually a really sweet episode where we got to learn a little more about the life of Pat including the sad way that he passed away. Honestly have never found Jim Howick’s characters very sympathetic until now and it was nice to see a character from him who I just felt so sorry for, not only did he have some great interactions with Alison as he tried to figure out what he wanted her to say or not say to his family but he had one of the best moments in the show so far with Robin and Thomas as Robin explained how someday Pat’s family won’t come to see him at all and it’ll hurt but time passes and he’ll learn to find a new family.

Honestly teared up loads at that point as well as the ending when Pat’s family finally show up.

Personally out of the three episodes I found this one the weakest finding it bizarre how Alison was never shown on screen asking the Ghosts to leave her alone whilst talking to the builders, watching Mike just leave her when he now understands she does see Ghosts and seeing her act strange around the builders or even why the head builder got so annoyed with her. I didn’t find it funny and didn’t really get it. The entire Julian/Captain story too didn’t really hit as well as other stories have so far. Their reaction when Alison asked about the ring was perfect but I don’t think the two stories worked really well together which is a shame.

Thankfully Pat’s story, Robin running around after the builders, Fanny being her usual self and Mary trying to distract Alison so the boys could frame one of the builders were all brilliant moments that made sure that the episode wasn’t a disappointment. Also really enjoyed Kitty learning how babies were made and Thomas getting upset after he sings a Kylie song to Alison that he heard on the radio.

Again both Laurence Rickard as Robin and Martha Howe-Douglas as Fanny just steal every scene they are in. I never thought a Caveman would ever make me cry in the way that Robin did in this episode but also watching him bond with the builders was in its own way sad when they all leave and he tries to say goodbye to them. Then there is Fanny who couldn’t be further away from Debbie Maddox if she tried, Howe-Douglas manages to make her nagging funny but at the same time endearing, you never get bored of hearing Fanny having a moment and going to Alison to tell her that she isn’t very lady like or that something isn’t proper, her relationship with Kitty is still one of my favourite things as well.

In fact Lolly Adefope was amazing, every single reaction to every single stupid explanation of how babies were made was perfect. From disgraced Julian to Fanny’s break down, she kept that innocent childlike look on her face all the way till she saw THAT video.

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