Back In Time… RAW May 6th 1996

We are going into May and start with a tribute to Ray Stevens and some random woman telling us that Shawn Michaels is a home wrecker.

Marc Mero is terrifying

His face is things of nightmares. He really tried to live up to that whole “wild man” thing. Funnily though everything about Mero for me is just that he is the former husband of Sable, even to the point I think of his music as Sable’s old music even though I know it is the other way around.

Never liked Mero, his face was so stupid.

End of his match was scary looking too, like it was a great reversal but it just looked scary as hell.

Shawn Michaels besmirching…

So we have this random woman basically telling us that she slept with Michaels and how wonderful he was in the bedroom but it was him and only him that ruined her relationship.

“Allegedly had a Torrid Affair…” is probably my favourite part of it, like those pop up title on Jeremy Kyle it was just the most hilarious thing ever.

This all plays to the Bulldog and Diana stuff.

Tekno Team 2000

I’m sorry but what?

Like seriously what?

They were just there to be beaten by the Bodydonnas but really. Those costumes. Jeez. I can’t even remember them which is weird because their look should make me remember them.

Tekno Team 2000….

Goldust getting close to Vince McMahon

Him being on commentary is wonderful just on its own but him touching and getting close to Vince is wonderful.

His reaction to having to be in a casket match next week with the Undertaker is probably my favourite moment. Again someone that is pretty underrated. He has great comedy timing, is a wonderful in ring performer and managed to change it up when needed. Goldust is one of the oldest characters in WWE and you know what I still love Goldust.

Owen Hart vs Undertaker


Owen Hart was one of the absolute best. He was my absolute favourite as a kid and for good reasons. No matter what his part to play was in the ring he played it perfectly, Hart vs Taker was a PPV main event worthy match.

It was made even better by Goldust’s commentary and sexually abusing Paul Bearer, something I never thought I’d be writing to be honest, but it was just a good match on its own merits with two of the best in the business.

What a match to have on a RAW episode.

Honorable Mention…

To Fatu dancing before Rikishi Fatu was even a thing.

His match vs Bulldog was actually really fun and Fatu was able to get the crowd behind him with his USA chants (boo person not from the USA boo) and dancing. Always the showman.

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