Anime Highlights Week 16

We are here in week 16. Did we actually catch up with everything? What did we like or dislike? These are all questions that you’ll probably know the answers too but let me tell you about them anyway.

EDIT : If you didn’t see on Twitter unfortunately I have had a difficult week or so hence we didn’t have any blogs out last week other than the ones that we had scheduled for last Monday. I’m not truly better yet and there might be a few weeks of catching up. I’m really sorry for this as we were trying so hard to make up for the fact we basically didn’t start the anime’s on the right week and therefore had to get up to date. We hopefully will have some reviews up in the next two or three days at least!

Disappointing Stories

So it is sad but this week saw one of the most disappointing stories this year to be honest. Whilst shows like Magical Girl Spec-Ops disappointed on a regular basis and the show I’m about to mention has had some dozies of episodes this one kind of left us totally deflated.

That would be Dororo’s 15th episode, a second part of a two part story that should have been so much more then it was. With no real flashbacks to explain what the village had been through EVEN THOUGH the story was meant to be about it, disappointing character moments, moments that just missed the mark completely and a rushed feeling it ended a story that started really well but then just fizzled out into a excuse to split the two characters up for a little bit so that Dororo’s story once more can take centre stage.

Which is understandable of course!

Dororo is the character the show is named after but at the same time Hyakkimaru needs to be developed too and a story about how similar his fate and the orphans fate was and the moral implications of everything was a perfect chance to make him look at what his own family are doing for the sake of their people but instead it was rushed to a unsatisfactory ending with no real story behind it.

More AMAZING Fighting!

The Rising of the Shield Hero does just about everything fantastically, ESPECIALLY its fight scenes, in this weeks episode Naofumi and his party had to fight a basically impossible to beat T-Rex that Idol had let loose to kill him. In the end the Rex-Dragon that I found out later it was fell to Filotia but the fight and the end of it were spectacular.

Similarly in One Punch Man the fight between the Tank Tops, Mumun Rider and Garo was fantastic to watch.

Sometimes in between all the silliness there are moments in OPM that really stand out and I think showing off how scary Garo was made him seem like a threat. I know by the end of the episode he’d been “taken out” by Saitama in the most simple of ways but at the same time his entire motive right now is not just to hunt the heroes but learn their fighting styles and now knowing that Saitama is a over powered nerd he’ll want to beat him in any way he can.

Tank Tops for EVERYONE!

Well we kind of knew from series one that the Tank Tops seemed to have a member in every ranking. Saitama seemingly has gotten on the wrong side of most of them but seems to have made a friend of the S Class Tank Top Master who was taken out by Garo in the first half of the episode.

I just like the Tank Tops.

I like that they seem to be a brotherhood, I don’t know if they are actually brothers I can’t really remember but they came to the aid of Tank Top Vegetarian and Tank Top Master was pretty cool.

Don’t Always Have to be Serious…

Both One Punch Man and Demon Slayer proved that you don’t always have to be serious all the time. Both had a good mix of fun, light hearted moments followed or surrounded by drama and more tense and action-y sequences and both did it perfectly. They balanced everything they did so finely that the episodes ended up being two of the best of the week.

Well… The episode I was behind on Demon Slayer that is, Episode 3.

You can have a Banana too!

To be fair this was just the most hilarious thing in the world to me and I don’t know why.

The way Saitama puts the banana’s on the side for Mumen Rider just to eat one anyway and Mumen Rider being all “I knew you’d do that” then offering one to every injured person in the hospital that he talk too and looking so innocent and sweet whilst doing so.

Have to love Saitama.

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