Week 53 : If everyone said what they were actually thinking what would happen to society?

This world is very much one that screams freedom of speech whilst telling you to keep your thoughts to yourself because how dare you not like someone or think something nasty.

What would society do though if everyone just decided to speak their mind the whole time?

Honestly I think that society will adapt.

At first it would cause chaos of course but I think people being honest would just open a lot of paths for a more positive future.

Personally I think that if people were honest then the world would just be a more open place. People would learn about each other more then just constantly being angry at people they don’t understand, people who are lost might not turn to extremes and actually feel able to communicate instead of hiding.

Right now there are people with ugly thoughts but they keep them inside and refuse to debate them with people unless they are surrounded by their peers but if we all just talked about how we felt, what we thought or what we believed then society would have to open up to others way of thinking and debating and discussing would have to be a skill taught in schools and practiced in every day life. People would learn how to communicate better because they had to and that can’t be anything but a good thing?

You might say that it’ll hurt people’s feelings but maybe sometimes our feelings have to be hurt.

I’m not talking about hate talk and things like that, those things come in the above. People learn from the environments they are from and if they learn a hateful thing and have no way of debating that thing then it’ll be hard rooted inside them, learning to debate and discuss these things and being forced too will bring the world into a better more understanding place and hopefully will do nothing but help us.

No what I mean is when people will get hurt because their actions are worthy of hurting their feelings. Imagine a bully being told how their actions make their victims feel? Truly? Or a bully having to explain honestly why they do what they do? Imagine if you are being a dick at work and your co-worker could say so?

Sometimes someone hurting your feelings by telling you the truth makes you evaluate how you act to people OR whether that person is worth your time.

Maybe they have misread who you are and the discussion that comes after proves that you are just incompatible?

Or maybe you were being a dick and need to sort your shit out?

Whilst as I said restructuring our society will take its time I think in the long run it would be better for it.

Talk to us!

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