Back in Time… RAW 29th April 1996

So In Your House 7 is over and done with. British Bulldog apparently was pissed that Michaels wanted to sleep with his wife, we’ve got updates on that apparently in this one as well as Isaac Yankem vs Ultimate Warrior…

Gunn vs Mankind

Who would have thought looking back that Bart Gunn would actually have a pretty long and involved match with Mankind. I mean Mankind up until now had basically been coming out and destroying his opponents and here he is against Bart Gunn and having problems.

I was actually a Bart Gunn fan as a kid but I couldn’t remember him ever being much more then a tag team wrestler.

Kind of feel sorry that he didn’t do better because it was a surprisingly good match.

Bart Gunn really selling the Mandible Claw

Its the first time that someone talked to anyone about the mandible claw and Bart really did a lot to sell it as something that truly paralyzed him and stopped him from being able to counter what was happening.

Along with the extremely fantastic match it really did a lot to make Mankind completely terrifying as a opponent.

Million Dollar Steve Austin…

Sometimes a character is so ingrained in your head that what came before it just doesn’t compute and Steve Austin before his most infamous Stone Cold that went around stunnering everyone, yeah it isn’t a word but sure, he was a much more slower and less interesting to watch wrestler who strutted around with Ted Dibase.

Its funny watching it to be honest. It isn’t long before the Stone Cold we all loved showed up but right now it just kinda makes me laugh to see him.

Solo King commentating the SCANDAL!

So we had to listen to the accusation that Shawn Michaels tried it on with Diana Smith but it was the King again that made it the absolute best thing going.

Completely on the side of the Bulldog and Cornette he just sat there like a modern day internet loser jeering at the Leader of the New Generation.

I mean Cornette was great “you sir are a fornicator” followed by Kings “a what?” made me laugh so much.

The whole thing was great to be honest, the fact that Diana only has one facial expression is amazing.

The Mankind Interview…

I mean everything seems to be Mankind, Mankind, Mankind but that is just how great his debut has been.

His whole deranged interview was just…. The absolute best thing. Go watch it on the Network because its just perfect in every way. Its one of the reasons I loved Mankind as a kid because he was just amazing.

Honorable Mentions…

First up to the New Rockers coming out as Shawn Michaels leaves. The fact that Jannetty had to come out for a tag match as his now much more successful ex-team mate leaves as champion.

Second is from the same match the “hold me back” from Cassidy and Kings “no one was holding him back” I like that even back then as a different character he was a little bit special. Love Al Snow over all his career.

AGAIN from the same match is Sunny and her interview. I would have put this match in there if it wasn’t for the fact I couldn’t pick what point to actually put in. Anyway Sunny’s interview where she made fun of both the Rockers and Godwins made me laugh, I mean I don’t care much for Sunny as a person but she did make you hate her very easily.

Also the King called Yankem baby… Yeah baby.

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