Back in Time… WWE : In Your House 7 Good Friends, Better Enemies

So our first PPV, with some good looking matches it should be a good one!


What a opening. WHAT. A. OPENING.

So apparently Jake signed that he wouldn’t bring his snake to ring side just to… Well… Bring his snake to ringside. He attacked the two managers and the ref with the snake before finally letting it go backstage and announcing his team mate as Ahmed Johnson instead of the Sneky One.

The SECOND match?

Like this is on here for being the biggest bit of garbage possible.

Warrior came out and bullied Goldust, Goldust was too scared to face Warrior and I don’t bloody doubt he was scared seeing he doesn’t bother to actually wrestle people, and it just wasted a huge portion of the PPV with basically Warrior sat in the ring.

Like people complain about current WWE but imagine if that happened on a PPV!

Plus in whose eyes is the Warrior REALLY a good guy? Like were we really meant to hate someone for being different and cheer someone who bullied him?! REALLY?!

King Heeling it up

OK so you all know I don’t really use those kind of terms but I grew up with the bad guy Jerry The King Lawler on commentary and I just love when he gets on a roll.

My favourite moment was saying he wished one day that Razor Ramone’s greasy hair would catch fire, I know it sounds like a horrible comment to like but it was delivered perfectly with his normal whining voice. Plus I never liked Hall… I’ve met him once as well.

Vader vs Yokozuna is scary?

So after Vader defeated Razor he was told that he’ll have to face Yokozuna at the next IYH event.

Thing is Jim Cornette kind of freaked out about it but their last match saw Vader pretty much destroy Yokozuna so surely he should have been laughing? Not only that but as Cornette said Yokozuna was injured by Vader so it isn’t even a 100% Yokozuna he’ll be fighting.

Cornette did get his composure back and threaten Yokozuna with more injuries. But still that reaction?

Underrated Main Event…

Honestly I’m a big fan of Kevin Nash and I do feel a lot of his time in the main event of WWE is overshadowed and underrated.

This main event saw him being a dastardly bad guy to the point that he grabbed hold of Mad Dog Vachon and taking his fake leg off to attack Shawn Michaels with before being low belowed and superkicked to defeat letting Michaels walk out with his belt.

Nash was much better then people gave him credit for and this match showed it.

Honorable Mention…

P.I.G. Phineaus Goodwin. I didn’t realise that they were P.I.G and H.O.G and there we have the commentary team even calling him Pig at the end of the match.

Why he’s getting a mention is the whole Sunny thing. Loved him taking the photo of her out of the slop bucket and sticking it down the front of his dungarees.

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