The Rising of the Shield Hero : Filolial Queen

Episode 16

Firoriaru no Joō” (フィロリアルの女王)

We ended a episode with a giant T bloody Rex about to fight Naofumi and co and end this episode with Fitoria the Queen of all Filolia declaring war on the Heroes…

It is a bit of a rollercoaster of a ride to get from the beginning to the end but it moved the plot along nicely.

We’ll start with Fitoria shall we?

The Queen of all Filolia who has been alive for centuries, she much like the Queen believe the Heroes need to get on, more so then the Queen as she is willing to kill the Heroes if Naofumi’s insistence on them not getting on is the answer she’ll get.

That is how the war is declared.

Thing is she doesn’t seem to be able to think like someone who is in Naofumi’s shoes, none of them seem able too. Any time he tries to talk, any time he tries to fight his corner he is once again labelled as something horrific. If it wasn’t bad enough that with no proof he was labelled a rapist, in this country being the worst of all crimes, he is now a kidnapper of the heir to the throne. When he tried to talk to the Heroes even when they realised that maybe something more was going on and even when they TRIED to stop Malty from attacking they couldn’t.

Naofumi is obviously weary of trying to talk to a countries leader who has declared him enemy by fabricating absolutely everything the world knows about him.

Neither the Queen nor now Fitoria seems to actually have a way to help Naofumi SAFELY arrive to a peace discussion with anyone.

Malty is still twisting everything and wrapping everyone around her little fingers and whilst in this episode the other Heroes find out that Naofumi is true about the Church hiding stuff from them it is a little too late and whether or not they can do anything with what information they might garner from a achieve of thousands if not millions of books remains to be seen.

Not only that it still isn’t long before another Wave hits and without something happening the second the battle commences and Naofumi and his party are sitting ducks to whatever it is that Malty has planned.

Filotia doesn’t see this and instead turns her anger on the Heroes instead.

Then again she also seems to know a great deal more about Melromarc and how they are twisting everything anyway but instead of trying to tell Naofumi the truth and the whole truth like she demanded from him she has just damned him for knowing part of the truth.

It turns out that the whole WORLD is being effected by the waves and that Melromarc seemingly has called the four heroes and bent them only to their own will because of Aultcray’s hatred of Demi-Humans. Filotia seems to be half believing that the Heroes fight only for the humans because they are human and in the knowledge that Aultcray and the Church of Three Heroes are up to something but instead of trying to work with Naofumi she herself has done the same thing that Aultcray and Malty have done to him and turned him into something he isn’t.

The enemy.

Naofumi has never tried to be the enemy and with more understanding of what is going on then he could very easily do something different but none of these people are telling him HOW to SAFELY talk to anyone, none of them are giving him the whole picture and whilst the other nations are suffering Filotia is more concerned with him NOT leaving Melromarc until he basically gets arrested and has the truth about him twisted so that he is the bad guy and probably gets killed by Aultcray.

All because the Shield Hero seems to be always associated with Demi-Humans.

Slowly but surely we’re unraveling the mystery.

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