Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Sabito and Makomo

Episode 3

Sabito to Makomo” (錆兎と真菰)

Tanjiro’s training starts and what a training montage this is…

It was a episode that mixed in a fun and lighthearted way of showing how Tanjiro trained and slowly turned into something more dark and foreboding. His training is over in one episode but this episode lasted for 2 years. Making it a little light hearted, giving interesting characters to the episode so that even when it got serious it still felt light and flowy was a really good way of making the episode stand out even though it was basically a time skip more then anything.

I liked the episode as a whole but also the time skip.

One thing that I don’t like about some things is that characters just ARE. They ARE the Chosen One, they ARE the best and they just happen to be perfect in every way. Tanjiro isn’t and whilst the time skip is a concept that is hard to put into a episode I think they did it really well. It looked like you were just watching him day to day but you could see through the narration and especially at the end by the slight character change that you were watching it over a prolonged period of time.

What I’m saying is that the episode worked for me.

We got to see Tanjiro work super hard for his goal and again it isn’t so much as “well done you did this now you are that” he now has to go and pass a test he might die trying to beat.

If his journey isn’t enough we also learn that Nezuko hasn’t woken up since they got there. I’m not sure that is really surprising though as how the Demons sustain substance is by eating humans and she hasn’t eaten anything since turning into a Demon. I’m guessing that might be what it comes down too because if she just wakes up I’ll be disappointed though if she stays asleep throughout the rest of the season it’ll all depend on the story they tell.

It was just a fantastic episode.

Tanjiro is a easy character to get behind, he’s sweet and caring but you can see the work he is putting in. Again he isn’t OP from the start so you feel like you are going on a journey with him and as of yet he hasn’t had any moment where he moralized the others to death and then ended up being right even though we can see he is wrong. I think deep down he knows what he is doing is wrong but he’s hopeful and working towards saving his sister and those are qualities you can get behind especially as he’s humble about how he goes about it all.

I just really think they have done a fantastic job with his character.

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