Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : The God of Fire

Episode 27

Aragami wa Ima” (荒神は今)

We continue on the story of how Chuuya joined the Port Mafia, how Mori gained complete control and how Dazai just wanders along doing the same thing he always does because of course he is Dazai.

It ended on a interesting cliffhanger with Chuuya announcing that he is the God of Fire that everyone is looking for but before that it was just a nice look at the relationship the two of them had.

I think that is the thing I love most about the flashbacks and just the series in general.

Everyone surrounding Dazai kind of underestimate him because of the suicide thing and because he’s such a wind up merchant but he’s actually one of the most clever, one of the most engaged and interesting people you’d ever meet. He is able to detect just the smallest of details about you and figure things out pretty instantly, he’s pushes and pokes at people but usually he is doing that for their own good. The more he pokes at Chuuya in this episode the more you see him grow and not only that the more you realise that he was being used by the Sheep and actually my thought on Mori being the one that brings Chuuya to the Mafia was probably completely wrong.

When he comes face to face with two of the Sheep that hadn’t been captured it is used as a lesson by Dazai. They want Chuuya to save their asses and do their work for them because he has a power but they put themselves in danger just to steal some booze, it makes Chuuya angry but Dazai uses it to make Chuuya realise that he is a Sheep in so far as he just follows blindly those that give him orders on what to do.

I think it is interesting that Dazai can see through people, when he annoys them he is usually bringing out the best in them even if he says that isn’t what he was planning on doing. He does it in the present with the Agency and here he is doing it with someone he barely knows that is meant to be a enemy of his group.

It felt like the episode was over way too fast, there were some great action scenes at the beginning with Chuuya being able to show off his strength and ended on a more subtle note.

What the revelation means going forward we’ll have to wait and see but it was one hell of a ending.

Also really liked Randou but unsure I really understand what his motivations were and what was really going on.

I get that he seems to want Mori out but I’m struggling to figure out how it all fits together. I guess Chuuya exploded eight years ago and that was where the God of Fire stuff came from and Randou just used it along with whatever trick he’s been doing to make people see through Mori’s lies but I kind of want to know more and I hope I get to hear more of it in the next episode.

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