5 Things… With MKXI upon us here are our favourite characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise

I do not hide the fact that I am a Mortal Kombat fan and I am very much looking forward to the release of Mortal Kombat XI. I already have had a play around with the Beta Test and can’t wait to get to play the entire thing with all the old and new characters.

But with so many characters in its history who are the ones I love the most.

Don’t worry I banned Scorpion and Sub Zero from my own list because we all know how much those lovely Ninja Boys are beloved anyway.

5. Baraka

Teethy boy is a guy that lots of people like and lots of people were happy to see him return as a playable character in MKXI.

That is because he’s just fun and pretty unique.

He is a Tarkatan which was a crossbreed of Outworld and Netherealm. Along with his many teeth he has long retractable blade like things in his arms and always had a really fun moveset which includes slashy attacks with them.

Being a playable character from the second game he was one of those characters people really missed when he was left out of the MKX roster so his return is making many people happy. He also is one of the Beta playable characters and after having a good 2 or 3 hours in that I have to say he’s one of my favourites already.

As a kid he was terrifying, as a adult he’s super bloody cool.

4. Goro

Another character it is hard to not put in a list.

This four armed murdering machine came in as a sub boss just to become one of the most beloved characters of the series.

What is there to even say about him?

He was one of the most difficult characters to beat in my childhood, the coolest looking bad guy yet he went from being a difficult guy to beat to just a bog standard slowpoke that wasn’t all that hard.

That being said I always have a soft spot for him.

3. Erron Black

Mr Cowboy from MKX is pretty obviously a favourite of many people. He had a cool look and in a game that introduced a bunch of children to the series that most people didn’t like so much and I’m gonna like on principal even less in this game seeing one is voiced by the ever annoying presence in my life of Ronda flippin’ Rousey.

Way to make me care less about Cassie Cage.

Black however was the perfect blend of ridiculousness and cool that the game does so well that he just perfectly fit, like a jigsaw piece, into a world that has warring Ninja boys, four armed Princes, Gods walking amongst us and one of our biggest terrors in childhood was a old man who would suck the soul out of us.

Not much is known of him, we do know that he is from the Old West seemingly having been granted slower aging probably from Shan Tsung who hired him 150 years ago, he’s a actual Texas Earthrealmer who lives in Outworld and if that didn’t make him cool enough the fact that he didn’t really expand on his past and we know very little about him just makes him that much cooler.

A poncho boy with guns…

We can but hope that XI see’s so much more of this Cowboy.

2. Reptile

I guess a little bit of a cheat as he still is one of those Ninja boys, Reptile was the original secret hidden character having appeared in Mortal Kombat’s very first game popping up now and again giving hints on how to unlock him and was basically just a merge of the two Ninja boys we all remember so fondly.

As a kid I loved Reptile. Having to unlock was fun in the original but having this poison spitting Ninja was way more fun in a world dominated by friends always picking one of the other two Ninja’s because fire and ice are always more cool then poison right? Over time he has become more of his own character to the point he now looks like a reptile and whilst the obvious Ninja design is still there it looks more reptilian to the point that new players might not realise that the origin of this Ninja boy was basically…. The blended together bastard child of the two more famous ones.

1. Drahmin

Now I get it.

He is one of the most unpopular characters in the game being slow and difficult to use but I just fell in love with the Oni from Netherrealm, the inside out man that used to plonk along with Moloch.

I thought there was a lot of potential for a really grim backstory, I was kinda young when it came out all the way back in 2002 so someone with their skin inside out and a swarm of flies surrounding him was the right kind of stupid that I wanted to see in my Mortal Kombat game and I think he’s unfairly hated.

Whilst it is pretty much never going to happen I would love a return of Drahmin and maybe some actual story stuff for him. Never gonna forget him.


And there you have it.

I will be at work when this game comes out, I might get to play a little before I leave at 5am to go to work but it won’t be till the afternoon that I get to have a go. When I do I’ll probably have a few 5 Things blogs about it and unlike Kingdom Hearts where I promised it, did them and never edited it or published it I am forcing myself to do so.

Hope everyone has fun and let me know your all time fav Mortal Kombat characters AND your NEW favs from MKXI in the comments below!

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