Ghosts : Gorilla War

Episode 2

A house full of ghosts from various different time periods, a modern couple wanting to turn the house into a hotel and a accident that brings the two worlds together.

It actually sounds like a pretty decent drama just… It isn’t. It is a fantastically funny story brought to us by the Horrible History/Yonderland group.

This week was even better then the first with the entire group of ghosts getting to once more show off their own unique characters and just be themselves. Whether it was Julian trying to prove that he was a competent MP just to find out that he’s best known for dying in a sex romp gone wrong and wanting Alison to get Google to change the story, Thomas trying to get her to kill herself so they could be together forever, Lolly and Pat trying to be her best friend or even Robin just… Hiding in places and saying Boo a lot they all got their chance to shine and boy was it good.

It really set the foundation though for the rest of the season as now Alison has come to terms with the fact that she can see ghosts, Mike even has come to terms with it and the ghosts seem to be happier we can now move on to what this episode proved is the best bit.

Them trying to live together.

I mean they couldn’t even come together to scare Alison and Mike out and even though Alison gave in and tried to do nice things for them they still ended up bickering so getting to watch them attempt to get on from now on is going to be brilliant.

Charlotte Ritchie really came into her own in this episode. Through my tears of laughter I could really appreciate how terrified and slowly more pissed off Alison was becoming. Whilst obviously the show is silly as hell if you pulled just her reactions out of the episode then she’s pretty more believable then just about any horror heroine we’ve come across, and boy do we watch horror films a hell of a lot. You felt for her as she at first tried to deny things, then just had a mental breakdown due to the haunting before just accepting it and taking charge.

Wasn’t too sure on Mike and Alison in episode one but they really shone in this one as a couple with Alison leading the way.

Of course my favourite characters are still Robin, Fanny and Kitty.

Whilst I relate to Robin on so many levels, so many quotes stand out that just have me written all over them not that I’m a Caveman I promise, it is just how laid back he is that makes me love him so much. He really did just go for the classic haunting and was actually the one that seemed to get her the most, his answer to what he wants and why he was doing what he did was just brilliant and all episode long he had me in tears.

Fanny and Kitty were both wonderful too but their real strength in this episode was when they were brought together. They are two completely different people, Fanny being uptight and over the top whilst Kitty just wants to be everyone’s friend, I loved them together.

Plus for a show about ghosts that has one walking around with no trousers on it makes me laugh that the weedy and annoying Thomas actually ends up being the creepiest. I’ve probably said it many times but Mathew Baynton always plays some of my favourite characters and whilst I just want to hug Thomas because he’s adorable I actually also was more worried for Alison having him creeping on her then anything else in the episode.

Really didn’t think the show could get better then the first episode which was seriously so good but this episode was even better.

Best scene was when we got to see the Ghosts chasing after the car. Won’t lie, all of the characters run funny and I honestly couldn’t stop laughing.

Not only is it heart breaking it only has 6 episodes I realised today the finale will be on my birthday. So this is going to be one hell of a treat when I finally turn 30.

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