Back in Time… RAW 22nd April 1996

Last week we were treated to a pretty wonderful match THIS week, because we have no patience, we got the rematch of that match in the go home show before IYH.


So unlike these days were a finish like that would see the REMATCH on the next PPV we got it literally a week later.

It wasn’t a match but a week after their first one it felt more of a way to move on the Goldust/Warrior and Vega/Austin feuds as Warrior cut a promo on Goldust mid match and Austin came out to stare down Vega in the latter part of the match too. It was still a fantastic match and maybe my biggest problem writing this is I watched the episode back-to-back so instead of having a week of waiting to see if they could top their first match or just what will happen I got it right away.

One thing is the cynical modern wrestling fan in me kinda knew the moment that Warrior was given TV time Goldust would win. When you have THE RETURNING WARRIOR cutting a promo about taking the IC belt off of Goldust who is in the middle of a match fighting for the belt that was vacated the week before you know that Goldust isn’t going to lose.


So last week Monsoon came out after a belt to the face ended the match, stripping Goldie of the belt and claiming it as vacant. That’s fine.

When that happened and with Austin making his way to ring side you’d THINK that Monsoon would be keeping his eyes on the match or at least have another ref out there to stop things like that happening. This is what I mean! Whilst I think this time I can maybe forgive it for me it never made sense. Monsoon HAD to have been watching last week to know the two refs had come up with two different winners so he HAS to be watching backstage in story and if he’s watching backstage in story he should be marching out any time something illegal happens and vacating titles, reversing results and pissing the world off.

Vader continues to murder other heavy weights…

This time out it was Fatu. It wasn’t a great match but I love that his only matches so far have been with super heavy weights instead of normal sized guys, he’s going into a match with Razor Ramone and they’ve made him seem like a absolute monster by having him beat guys easily that no one else would.

Plus we got the moonsault. That moonsault.

Bulldog gets Snek’d

We get footage from the action out in Germany with the Bulldog saving Owen from a beat down by Jake the Snake Roberts and getting Snaked himself in the process.

Mankind continues to creep everyone the heck out!

So he has a random match where he once again just gets the chance to kill someone. This time it is Aldo Montoya, known as Justin Credible later in his career, plus some crazy looking pyro too.

Its been a great debut for Mankind and they really built up his creepy and crazy persona. Like can you name anyone in current WWE that got this kind of debut that actually made sense and made the character stand out just as good as this?

Honorable Mentions…

Hillbilly Jim chasing after Sunny with his dog Ol’ Blue. Like it was just hilarious, I loved it. The Godwins are just one of my absolute favourite tag teams of all time. I don’t care if they were fantastic in the ring or not I loved their characters.

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